April 17, 2015

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March Cakes and Madness

Morning…ten out of ten chicks hatched so a hundred per cent success rate.The staff and children have loved chick hatch watch. The song “I’m coming out” has been sung in our department all week, referring to the chicks coming out of the eggs and nothing else, but it has stuck in my head. I keep singing it at random places, with people giving me funny looks! My student, along with another final placement student, left yesterday so they baked a variety of cakes, which of course had to be tasted..it would be rude not to. The creme egg cup cakes with a creme egg in the middle, made especially for our department were delicious.

creme egg cakes

Our staff seem a bit obsessive about cakes. Cakes for birthdays, cakes to cheer people up, cakes to celebrate, cakes because it is a certain day and cakes because the people making them want tasters to see if they are delcicous or not. Our students were very astute and realised to fit in, making cakes was the way to the staff’s hearts. It is is not surprising that they will be working in our school next year…they were obviously very good teachers as well as excellent cake makers, we are not that shallow! However I’m looking forward to September :-) My student gave me and my LSA an Easter lush bath bomb to say “thank you”. One of my five a day in the bath is a new experience!

photo 2 (94)

After a ‘little bit of this and a little bit of that’ all day,  I went to my dancing class and the words of the song I’ve been singing all week have now been aptly changed to ‘I’m hanging out’…cake tasting is lovely, but gripper knickers are not enough and ‘hanging out’ is not a look you really want to see in a dance show!

Today we have a Fiddler On The Roof rehearsal all afternoon and I’m hoping that we can sell a few more tickets for The Young Set Show in aid of The Variety Club, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. My life is so manic at the moment. It is such a spectacular song and dance show. Although you need to like sequins and cutesie kids. My son many moons ago was a cutesie cockerel but I just love it!

Penguin Jack

My kitchen is also manic as the delivery of Kitchen units has arrived taking over almost the entire kitchen. The fitting started yesterday but we haven’t got very far yet and I think for a while my life is going to be chaotic.

kitchen cupboards

We had a lovely Saturday night at the pub with our TOPS friends..a whole gang who always meet up regularly and have a laugh. It wan’t dissimilar to Fiddler On The Roof in that the ladies and gentlemen were divided. We didn’t have a rope to divide us, but we did have a gap so it looked like we didn’t like each other, let alone want to talk to each other!

This morning  I made my husband a cup of tea, for which he was sort of grateful. He asked where his crossword was to which I replied I didn’t know, but seeing the paper poking behind the roman blind I told him it was on the window sill…he then had a little rant accusing me of lying and knowing all along…he may never get out of the toilet with no handle..just saying! Today another rehearsal for another show…my life is complete madness.