April 18, 2015

Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st March A Body At The Bus Stop

Morning…whilst most schools have broken up for the Easter holidays, in Hampshire we are struggling on until Maundy Thursday. I had a bit of a rushed morning with washing the dishes, putting a wash on and clearing up cat mess because someone failed to put the cat litter tray back in the kitchen. It is not much good in the garden when the cats are locked inside for the night. The cats found an alternative toilet…the thankfully yet uncovered, concrete kitchen floor. I didn’t want to leave the mess there and offend the kitchen fitters, so I suffered and was put off my breakfast by a rather unpleasant early morning job.

This week at school we are looking at the Easter story as part of our R.E curriculum.

photo 2 (96)

After the chicks spent a holiday weekend away with a colleague, they are returning to school today so we can continue with chick watch. They go back to Living Eggs on Thursday unless we can find a home for them. As always we have more boys than girls, ten compared to three, and offers are usually only made for the girls as no one wants neighbours complaining about an on mass early morning ‘cock a doodle doo’! The chicks get big so quickly and also like the cats, don’t seem to care where they go to the toilet. They happily mess in their food bowl and despite it’s whiff being in such close proximity, they don’t get put off their breakfast, happily eating from the same bowl..most off putting!

chicks when older

After work I went in search of white shirts and blue jeans for the Young Set show, it is helpful having one of the biggest Tesco’s on our doorstep! We have dancing later up the M3 and I’m trying to finally get myself prepared. I also found myself sitting at the barbers, for my youngest son to have his hair cut. At aged nineteen you would think I was past doing this job but thats what happens when mum is paying and drives.

Well, that was indeed a night and a half! As we were leaving dancing last night we saw a body at the bus stop nearby. Two of us backed our cars, stopped and got out. It was clear that whilst alive, the body was not responding to us shouting and nudging him. He had an alcohol  bottle in his hand and a mobile by his side, which we picked up. One of our party phoned for an ambulance and we waited in the freezing cold for it to arrive. The 999 people asked us to turn him on his back, which I was under the impression one shouldn’t do, but we did as we were told. His mouth looked blue and he was frothing a little. He looked in a real state, but was still not responding. When we got worried we put him on his side. We were all so cold I went to get a blanket from my car, only to trip down the kerb myself and into the gutter…hopefully not a sign that there was where I belong! The friends I was with all rushed over, apart from the person still on the phone to the ambulance, to pick me up. What a fool I felt. A nice jolt to my back, just in time for my hospital appointment tomorrow. We continued to wait and just like red buses two ambulances arrived at once with their lights flashing.


The ambulance men managed to get the man to respond eventually. However, it wasn’t anything intelligible, it resembled a cow ‘mooing’. They said that alcohol was the issue and I think very likely from the look of him he had taken something else as well. As the ‘body at the bus stop’ was now in the capable hands of the ambulance crew we left them to it…knowing that we had made sure he had got the help needed. Who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t stopped?

I arrived home late, exhausted but had no sleep, not due to my husband but the howling wind…another day ahead!