April 20, 2015

Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd April The First and Last Laugh

It’s evening, rather than morning…I had a hospital appointment this morning that I thought was going to be an MRI scan. My doubts were raised on taking a closer look at my paperwork when I saw nothing mentioning ‘MRI scan’. It turned out to be an appointment where I was told I needed to have an MRI scan, which I already knew. I had been told by both my Dr and physio that I was going to require one, which is why I presumed that this was what was happening at the hospital today. Nothing like being told a third time…most useful!

I returned to work at lunchtime and spent the late afternoon and evening being a chauffer, an ironer and velcro sticker extrordinaire! I am not a sewer, despite my children performing in shows that have required costumes to be sewed, since they were aged three. I never finished making anything when I was taught sewing at school and I broke my mum’s old sewing machine the first time I used it ,so my track record is not great. Up to now I have had my mum to help me with her new fangled sewing machine and able needlework skills, but she is no longer well enough to be able to do so, which means I pay or stick and I choose to do both! My new found joy is iron on sticky velcro for quick show costume changes…it is wonderful and requires not a stitch or a needle!


It must be very nearly Showtime 2015 with all this conversation about costumes and sewing! It is a show of numerous costumes, numerous changes, numerous sequins, feathers and all in aid of The Variety Cub. The wonderful but formidable Babette Langford has raised enough money for eleven sunshine coaches over the years and is continuing to raise money even in her eighties. Thanks to Surrey County Council having different holidays to Hampshire, reherasals for the show which is next week in Hampton (Surrey) start at 3pm. It is alright if you are on holiday, but my life is going to be one manic rush after work. Transporting a great rail and numerous bagged costumes will also be a nightmare!

I returned home late to eat another sandwich…the staple diet of someone who is having their kitchen fitted and has no oven that works.

It’s Thursday and I’m having that Friday feeling one day early. So tired. Rehearsal yesterday was a tech run so no costumes were worn. Eldest son’s costume run today should be interesting, as he is yet to do one at all, which is unheard of! On the postive side I no longer have a huge rail and costumes to trip over at the top of my stairs!

Our kitchen fitter, a small elderly man who smokes heavily, has been getting to my husband all week in more ways than one. He is finding problems and my husband is struggling with his misery and negativity. I think the kitchen is more challenging than the fitter thought. He managed to drill  through a pipe, put the stack of ovens on the floor and when my husband pointed out that there should be a unit underneath, he put in a fixed unit, not the drawer according to the kitchen plan. He also managed to put the units down too low, so had to raise them all up and we now have holes where he made mistakes. My husband and I have had many conversations regarding him, but one miscommunication was always going to make my husband try to have the last laugh at my expense.

Husband- Oh God, another day with that miserable, depressing dwarf skulking round our house”

Me- ” you need to be more caring toward your wife”

Husband- “I was talking about the kitchen fitter”

Knowing my husband so well, I got in first with the poster below and the comment.. “Life is too short you should spend it with the kitchen fitter….”

Life is short

He had to reply “touche”….yep, I had the first and last laugh!

My kitchen joy at the moment  is the American freezer which was delivered yesterday and gives us iced water and ice on tap. Even my son is impressed. My husband had been telling me I needed to make choices when it came to the kitchen and I said I wanted a big freezer. Now we’ve go it…he’s oohing and ahhing over it and I can’t help but smile.

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