April 22, 2015

Friday 3rd April Back At Home

Morning…Awake at 5am on this Good Friday, an unearthly time on the first day of my holiday and hardly good! The laundry basket is overflowing, so thought I’d put an early morning wash on only to find the vital ingredient in washing…the washing machine, is no longer plumbed in! I was feeling peeved, the washing machine relieved and the washing basket overburdened as it continued to overflow! Roll on next week when the kitchen is hopefully finished! Hi Ho Hi Ho and off to work we go…not me, but the kitchen fitter who my husband thinks is a character from Show White, thanks to his size, character and demeanor. Whilst his characteristics might resemble Grumpy and I’m feeling very sleepy after my early start, we can all at least be happy he is working on Good Friday to try and finish the kitchen that has been going on for far too long. I’m finally seeing light at the end of a very long dark tunnel!

Yesterday I tried to say a tongue twister ‘Ken Dodd’s dad dog died’ and failed. Most of our chicks successfully returned to Living Eggs to hopefully the farm setting that the lady who collected them promised. At the last moment we managed to find a home for the three girl chicks. Before they were collected we allowed them all to roam on the classroom floor, inside a circle of children so they hopefully couldn’t escape. Most of he children enjoyed seeing them up close and personal, except for a couple who were petrified at the pecking and flapping of feathers quite so near and cried! One chick did look like he was very interested in reading the newspaper article on new denture care but not sure if beaks are included in current dentistry training!

chicks on the floor

Some of the children were brave enough to hold the chicks and stroke them. Some of the adults were also very brave and chased them round the circle in order to catch them.

photo 2 (98)

Once we finished looking at them, watching them poo, peck and piddle, we retruned them to the brooder box, deposited the messy newspaper and dentistry article in the bin, just in time for the boy chicks to be collected. The three girlls were put in a storage box filled with sawdust and a lego base lid which was situated next to a radiator, so it could resemble the heat lamp. Bless them, they looked quite frightened and huddled together for comfort.

photo 3 (63)

I took the girl chicks home in my car, a nervy journey, as I didn’t want flapping chicks to escape and cause an accident. They were collected shortly after I got home which was just as well as having three cats I wan’t sure if they would survive for long! They have now been re named Milly, Molly and Mandy. It was really lovely as the lady who was having them had just lost an adult chicken aged eight years old, so was thrilled to be having some new baby ones to replace her and join her other family of chickens.

In the evening she sent a photo of Milly, Molly and Mandy settled in their new home.

Milly Molly and Mandy

Today, it is my mum and dad’s 54th Wedding Anniversary. After a very difficult few weeks, they can hopefully have a lovely day celebrating together at home.

Sid, Clara dad,mum, Pat & John