April 24, 2015

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April An Easter Weekend Sort Out

Morning…yesterday was spent washing every dust covered plate, cup, mug, bowl, pot and pan and unpacking boxes. We are still not finiished as the men in my household got tired and needed a little rest. My bad back couldn’t cope and also needed a little rest. After washing everything clean, we had to find a new home for every pot, pan, plate and bowl in the new cream, shiny, kitchen cupboards, which like everything else, needed a clean. The kitchen is finally taking shape although we await flooring, wall tiles, radiators and the plumbing of ovens and hob to be finished…the list seems incredibly long! Microwave meals are sadly a necessity for a bit longer! My husband’s favourite man is returning on Easter Monday to do the tiling and will hopefully bring a bit of Easter cheer to the house instead of the misery that he has apparently subjected him to last week. By mid week we might have a working oven and proper food will finally be an option.

kitchen done

The skip also left our front garden yesterday after four months, which must have pleased the neighbours. Now our back garden looks like it needs another one as it is so full of rubbish…when will our house feel normal again?

Today we are taking a break from washing and cleaning to go to Lymington to visit my parents for our Easter weekend visit. It will be the first time my husband has seen my mum since her big cancer operation and the first time my son and I will have seen her out of hospital. We didn’t want to put too much work on my brother and dad so we are taking a selection of desserts and going just for the day instead of an overnight stay as we usually do.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of choclate…my body is trying to resist it all.

Easter bunny

We had a lovely day yesterday although sadly my son was not feeling well ,so decided to stay at home as he didn’t want to make my mum ill and wants to be fit enough for his show performance next week. Mum is doing brilliantly and has had her stitiches out. She had so many get well cards and flowers which was lovely to see.

photo 2 (99)

We had to go on a Easter Egg hunt…not the usual hunt in the garden, but a hunt round the shops to see what eggs were left as we were buying for my neice and nephews from ourselves and my parents…not a lot of choice in a small place like Lymington on the day before!

I had a little wander round my parents garden which, unlike my garden, is looking lovely in Spring and has so many flowers and so much colour.

photo 4 (41)

photo 5 (28)

spring flowers

photo 4 (42)

photo 3 (65)

photo 2 (100)

Whilst it is Easter Sunday there is still more washing and dusting off for me…how can we possess so much stuff?