April 26, 2015

Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th April The Kitchen View I Dreamt of!

Morning…while the world is asleep I have been awake and pottering in my new kitchen.There is still so much pottering to do! Today it should be being tiled, whilst I’m out rehearsing for Showtime 2015, which is this week. My husband is thrilled to be spending one more day with his favourite man. I am thrilled to be looking out of my lovely new bi fold doors on a sunny Spring morning to this wonderful view…

bi fold doors

It is all I ever dreamt of! A mountain of cardboard and polystyrene, radiators, cupboards, a dishwasher, cooker and fridge freezer…all of nature’s beauty, in my garden for me to enjoy!

It is not surprising I wish I had a view like this…

New Forest sunset

that of the New Forest coming back from my parents on Saturday. Or maybe just some grass, flowers and a little patio would be nice…I don’t want to appear greedy!

So, another early morning drama! Three people have to get out of the house and need early morning showers, a tiler is mixing his tile adhesive and we suddenly have no water coming out of the taps! Chaos reigns. We have to wait and sons manage to brush their teeth in some dribbling hot water coming out of the upstairs bathroom tap. As long as teeth are brushed everything is alright in a man’s world.

After rehearsal, which had a few manic moments, we had an impromtu visit with friends to the pub where my son works for a drink and a meal. Unfortunately it doesn’t serve food on a Monday which we didn’t know. We stayed for alcohol and crisps and nuts as a snack stop gap.


We popped across the road to another pub, but they had stopped serving food by the time we arrived, so more alcohol, crisps and nuts as a further snack stop gap. A successful night on the drinking front, less so on the food front as our snacks and drinking took us to closing time, but I did give out two Fiddler On The Roof leaflets to random people I was chatting to.

Tuesday and it is dress rehearsal night , so if we haven’t got everything now and if my sons don’t know their words by now it is too late! Me and my singing chums in the pit will be warming up our voices and singing “Oh boy it is great to be young”.the finale song, with feeling and wishing we were as young as the people on the stage.