April 27, 2015

Wednesday 8th April Boots and Breakfast!

Morning..I woke at 5am singing in my head the song “This was a real nice Clambake” from Carousel..I even had the American accent! The accompaniament of snoring next to me sadly spoilt my rendition and prevented me from going back to sleep….It is now 8am and I am tired and have a whole day and opening night of Showtime 2015 to get through!

I tried on some new boots yesterday and the assistant seeing me struggle said “Can I help you?”…Often Shop assistants ask if they can help when you want to be left alone to browse, but for once I did want some assistance. I replied “this zip doesn’t seem to work”…I was expecting the great customer service reply of “let me try and help you Madam” but instead I got a “that zip isn’t supposed to work, it is part of the design…the one on the other side does”….of course! I felt a complete fool. Once I unzipped the correct zip I managed to fit my feet into the boots, which was a surprise as I have such fat feet that most boots don’t get past my big toe!

black boots

The plumber is at the house installing radiators and connecting the hob, my sons are asleep in bed, so my husband and I have decided to go for a cooked breakfast at a local pub called The Chequers. It is situated opposite the cricket green so has a lovely outlook.

Chequers pub

We arrived and the bar was empty….

photo 5 (30)

apart from a friendly face who was smiling above the fireplace.

boars head

I had a delicious cooked breakfast of egg, sausage, bacon, mushroom and toasted sourdough accompanied with fresh orange juice, which reminded me of fresh orange juice abroad..it was properly FRESH!

My cooked breakfast at Chequers

photo 3 (66)

My husband had the Chorizo hash and free range fried egg with balck pudding on the side.

photo 4 (43)

We finished our meal with a tea and coffee which had the cutest milk bottle holder and some choclate Easter eggs, that presumably they had left over from Easter weekend..I wasn’t complaining.

Chequers tea

The toilets were in Vogue…

Vogue photos in the toilet

and I was well and truly stuffed and looking anything but!

We got home to find the plumber had finished his installing and connecting and our sons still asleep.

Wishing luck to my sons and all those performing in the show¬†tonight.¬†I hope you sing out, remember your words and moves and don’t mess with your dresser, who has been known to have hissy fits when messed with!