April 29, 2015

Thursday 9th April- Saturday 11th April Oh Boy It’s Great To Be Young

Morning..Last night was a great show, a fantastic audience with huge cheers and a standing ovation at the very end! I was very proud of both my talented sons and their friends…oh boy, it’s great to be young!”…their finale song said it all. Everyone was smiling, which means that all of the mummies and daddies must have tried hard with their quick changes and costumes, performers worked hard and although Babette who in her eighties directed and choreographed the show with some help, couldn’t apparently hear us backing singers in the pit, she was smiling too, which means not all was bad! We were grinning from ear to ear as we had a such a fun time singing songs you never get the chance to normally sing and watching the show, although from an angle, (a stiff neck by the weekend!) and with half an eye on the words we were supposed to be singing!

singing in the pit YS 2015

in the pit

No one thankfully commented or seemed to notice that my son went on stage with a terribly unironed shirt (a big no no!) although from the pit I did unfortunately notice! The school manager didn’t seem to notice that she had her bottom pinched by a friend who thought from behind it was me…she was mortified when she turned round to laugh and spotted who it in fact was..she is now going to Specsavers and hasn’t decided whether to go and apologise or keep her head down whenever the manager comes into view!

At the show we were eating our picnic tea in the car, when we spot an unusual litter bin raider….the squirrel ate his crisp so quick I’m surprised he didn’t get indigestion!

Well it is indeed again ‘ oh boy, it’s great to be young’,  not because of the talent and energy the young possess, but because they can sleep in until lunchtime! However exhausted I am I wake up early. The show has contiued to have rave reviews, amazing costumes and I have had compliments about my sons talent, which is lovely to hear. Last show tonight and after last night, I’m contemplating wearing my fire retardant black sequin number just in case! As the final fireworks went off one was faulty, backfired and scorched some of the pit singers music and clothes..I bet the risk assessment didn’t imagine that scenario.


I was feeling quite happy at only being kicked once into action for looking like I was sitting in my TV lounge watching TV, instead of being ready to sing!

Hoping tonight is the best show yet!