May 9, 2015

Tuesday 14th April Golden Nuggets

Morning…weather lovely to be sitting outdoors, except my garden is not fit for sitting in at the moment…still full of boxes, wood, cardboard and old furniture, Husband’s car is not fit for taking any passengers at the moment as it is still full of show costumes. My washing machine is rattling loudly and not up to washing numerous costumes and my roof is heaving, so not up to having many more costumes hanging from the rafters as the roof might collapse! Husband disappeared ten minutes ago to make me a cup of tea and is yet to return, so he is not up to that job either! What a happy Tuesday.

Luckily the hob is now fit for purpose and husband is up to cooking an omlette which means we won’t go hungry, but he is getting used to cooking with a rather large hat on his head looking at this photo!

ian cooking

My son and his girlfriend both decide they like Golden Nugget cereal and ask me to buy it for them. They are going shopping at the local Waitrose so I ask if they want to buy Golden Nuggets when they are there. As an afterthought I ask “Do Waitrose sell Golden Nuggets?” Son’s girlfriend who works there responds “Oh yes and they sell chicken dippers, chicken nuggets…lots of different ones” My son and I can’t help but laugh.


One of the Young Set parents found these two nuggets of a video on the Variety Club website of the Young Set performance at the Variety Club Make A Wish Ball last year. It includes some of the  War and Peace numbers they performed in the show.

Such a treat!  if you can afford it you can buy tickets for this years ball