May 10, 2015

Wednesday 15th April Castle Bottom walk

Morning… yesterday I went for my first long health walk of 2015 and have blisters on the back of my foot even though I wore my old trainers that I have worn several times before…not happy! Husband left to go to Fiddler On The Roof rehearsal early at 6pm and we left at 7.15pm and beat him…not happy! My house and garden still need sorting out after days of doing it…not happy! The sun is thankfully shining and I have bifold doors to throw open and enjoy, but the view leaves a lot to be desired…not happy!

During my walk to Castle Bottom yesterday I started with taking a few photos and then I don’t know what possessed me but I decided to try and see what my ability to Vlog would be like. Friends keep telling me this is the way forward! It was no problem talking a whole lot of rambling nonsense that probably no one is interested in, into my old iphone, which I did at various points on my walk. I have however decided that my vlogging technique needs a lot of work! I mixed up my words, phrases, couldn’t use my phone technology properly so I had footage of my neck, my finger, the sky and myself staring blankly into camera thinking I’d switched it off when I hadn’t! Then I talked with a slight Northern accent, which my husband says I occasionally do, when I am a complete Southerner…what’s that about? I blame my dramatic tendencies and ablity to unknowingly pick up accents! However my friend , son and husband have watched the short film clips and found them vaguely amusing in a sad sort of way, so I have decided to keep them and see if I can do anything with them. When I say ‘if I can do anything with them’ it will of course be my technical advisor husband, as my technology skills are such that I can’t edit, wouldn’t have a clue about joining one video to another, or adding captions, so until he is less busy and has time to assist I’m stuck. My first vlog will unfortunately have to wait!

Meanwhile, I will tell the story of my walk to Castle Bottom with my photos.



trees again



castle bottom sign



Wondering how long the sunshine and my desire to walk will last…