May 11, 2015

Thursday 16th April An Unsuccessful Day

Morning…yesterday was an unsuccessful day…I took my charity clear out stuff to a local charity shop at 4.20pm but it had shut at 4pm. I went to the butchers to buy meat to make meatloaf, a favourite meal of my son’s, but it had also shut at 4pm. I went to the shoe shop to take my favourite black ankle boots to be reheeled, pleased that I had finally remembered, but it was shut all day. I went to Waitrose to buy the meat I had failed to get at the butchers and my phone rings. It is my husband who had gone on his first bike ride of 2015 and had a puncture. He found his pump didn’t work and needed rescuing. In order to get him and his bike in my car I had to clear out all my charity bags. They are now back in my hall where they started….a big fail all round.Here’s hoping today will be more successful.


My day is not improving…Bailey, the cat that is my sleeping partner has not been seen since last night so feeling worried. he is always here every morning or comes to me at least if I whistle but not today.

Bailey 2015

I whistled… whilst I worked and whilst I searched. I sent my husband up to the end of the road searching, we opened loft doors, searched the garden and after a couple of hours I was getting myself in a right old tizzy! It took until lunchtime for my son to shout “here he is!” It would appear that the cat had managed to get up in the loft when we put the show costumes away, but had found a way from one loft into the extension loft in my son’s room, which is why when I opened the loft door and whistled he didn’t appear! What a relief…I can now go for my pub lunch with a friend and enjoy it!

The pub lunch was very enjoyable but interrupted by a phone call from my husband to say he couldn’t walk and might need to be taken to A and E. Just as well I hadn’t been drinking. I thought he was on his way to London to see a client, but he had apparently parked his car at the station and popped across the road to buy a paper and a coffee. As he stepped off the pavement he felt a pop in the back of his calf and suddenly his ability to walk disappeared! He had to phone a friend, not to help him with answering a “Who Wants to be a Millionare’ question but to drive him to his car, which was only a five minute walk away. He wasted the parking ticket and drove back home, something he only managed to do as it was his left leg that popped and his car was automatic. Once home I dropped him off at the hospital before I needed to return later in the evening for my own MRI scan on my bad back. What a pair of infirm old cogers we are becoming…I have to keep reminding myself that we were once young and healthy!

old photo

Today is appearing as unsuccessful as yesterday!