May 14, 2015

Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April A Vision You Won’t Forget

Morning…me wheeling my husband in a hospital wheelchair last night was a sight to behold! We crashed into walls and doors and I lost control time and again. My husband ended up stuck in a flower bush and had to use his damaged leg to help him get out when my strength gave way. I nearly knocked over a lady who was in the throws of labour and having a strong contraction in the middle of the corridor.

People commented that I needed learner plates…blooming cheek!


Don’t they realise what a weight he is to be pushing in a useless, heavy, out of control hospital chair with a naff back? I removed the ‘we are closed’ cones from the hospital cafe to wheel him in, deposited him at an empty table and then left him with a machine cup of coffee and a tuna pasta pack I managed to purchase from the shutting, hospital shop, whilst I went to have my own MRI scan on my back…a back, even more destroyed since entering the hospital! Husband has been told not to move for three days and I am supposed to be going to my parents, which will be an interesting combination. On leaving hospital I had to leave husband by the roadside, propped against a pole and railing, which with his Fiddler on the Roof beard, was a vision I won’t forget in a hurry. I’m sure my inability to control my husband in a wheelchair was also a vision not to be forgotten in a hurry! One gentleman seeing me struggle helpfully suggested I pull him along, which meant me walking backwards and not being able to see where I was going…a great idea!

ian in hospital

The kitchen clear out finds all sorts of old photos and one of my two sons when they were cute, no trouble and happy to wear nearly matching yellow jumpers is a vision I won’t forget.

cute boys

Husband is managing to hop occasionally around the house with crutches and is working his arm muscles..the zimmer frame that I am using for an OAP dance number in a few weeks time is coming in useful around the house! I managed to make it to Lymington to see my parents in rush hour traffic. My mum managed a mile walk round the lake yesterday with my dad , which is brilliant after her major cancer operation a few weeks ago….a reflection of the ups and downs of life. It’s a blowy but bright Saturday.