May 15, 2015

Sunday 19th April I wasn’t To Know!

Morning…a lovely but brief visit to my parents in Lymington! Within minutes of arriving I had managed to destroy a chair that was already looking decidely delicate, by sitting on it..I wasn’t to know it had recently been glued back together and was as flimsy as a newly made airfix model!

dodgy chair

Within minutes I also managed to destroy a beautiful cake my mum had been given whilst recuperating from being so ill.

decorated cake

I wasn’t to know that by lifting the lid of the cake cover off, it would also remove the beautifully decorated iced top and piped orange flower that someone had taken the time to make!

destroyed cake

I thought I’d be the dutiful daughter and help my dad with preparing his breakfast by heating his porridge in the morning. I wasn’t to know, (although I should have perhaps spotted) that the gas ring I lit, was not the ring I put the saucepan on, so no heating actually took place! It was the thought that counts so thankfully he was still grateful.


I wasn’t to know that disasters come in threes and whilst I might be a walking one, I took comfort in knowing that my three disasters could have been far far worse…..

I woke up, in what my parents call the North Wing of their house, an extension they built a few years back and which has a lovely view of the old oak tree. The shadow the sun cast yesterday morning was lovely.

old oak tree

Spring was definitely in the air, the sun was out and their garden was looking colourful, full of tulips and looking like a garden, unlike my own garden back at home, which is full of rubbish.

photo 1 (101)

As it was a Saturday I went to Lymington market and walked up the street to find that times have changed. Lymington has reached the twenty first century and has street buskers!

lymington market

I walked down the street to find that some things haven’t changed. The market still has the same old stalls, the same old voices echoing down the street shouting “two for a pound of strawberries!” and the same old hill you have to walk up and down.

more lyi=mington market

I then went down to the quay and had the same unnecessary ice cream and a watch of the boats and people at the quayside. However many times I do this I can’t help but love it.


lymington boats

Lymington quay

The election is coming up and my parents were not impressed with the campagn leaflets delivered through their door. We wondered which school the Liberal Democrats were going to help and if they would perhaps teach spelling! Someone to spell check their campaign leaflet would have been advisable.

election paper

I again tried vlogging on my phone for a laugh and wasn’t to know that I needed to remember which way round I should hold my phone…I now have videos both landscape and portrait for the same film…I’m not sure if I am cut out for using technology.