May 25, 2015

Monday 20th April Spring Tide At Milford On Sea

Morning…whilst at my parents in Lymington we¬†took a car ride to the cliffs at Milford on Sea. It is usually a very pebbly beach ,but it was a Spring tide and for a short while after we arrived the sand bank was exposed. The last time I can remember seeing it like this I was a youngster enjoying the fact that I could paddle so far out whilst the sea was shallow and safe, plus unusually sandy underfoot. This time no paddling took place we just walked down the cliff pathway to take a better view, exercise a few muscles with the climb back up and take a few photos.


Milford 5

milford with mum and dad

My mum stayed at the top and enjoyed the view of the Isle Of Wight, which was where both my dad and her were mostly brought up. It was rather wndy, so she didn’t stay out of the car for long and my dad then drove us to a different part of Milford on Sea beach where it was flatter and more sheltered but we had a good view of The Needles.

milford 3

Afterwards we drove round to Keyhaven and parked the car. We walked across the bridge and saw the wildlife enjoying low tide.


Keyhaven 1

keyhaven 2

keyhaven 4

We then ventured on to the Hurst Castle beach, but it was so noisy and windy that after ten minutes we returned to the shelter of the car before we were blown away and our ears started to get earache.

Keyhaven 5

Today, it is my first day back to school and whilst my body needs to adjust to waking early, it always takes it that step too far and wakes even earlier than I need..why does it do this? The Fiddler rehearsal yesterday resulted in me wailing, we all resulted in waving our arms in an agitated fashion in the air…its apparently called acting and we seem surprisingly good at it! My hop along husband is off to physio later and I had to smile at my time hop reminder from a year ago…what a difference a year makes!

Ian then and now

Friends thought he looked lost and presumed I’d left him at the railings and done a runner, others thought I was a hard or mean woman for sharing such a photo but I did ask permission first…it will be a reminder of what is needed to get back on track… eventually, probably once Fiddler on the Roof has finished!