May 26, 2015

Tuesday 21st April-Thursday 23rd April Give Me Strength!

Morning…bin day so just put the overflowing bin out as hop along husband can’t manage it. Put the still mouldy smelling wash out on the drier and one unusable suede waistcoat in the bin…you might wonder what is the point of drying any of it, but son bought a suitcase of clothes home from college yesterday….they were the dressing up clothes and cowboy boots he took to his college over a year ago for a production and which have only just found there way home! I have asked so many times “are you sure you haven’t taken costumes to college, as we are missing stuff from the roof?” and his reply has always been “no”…it’s no wonder I can’t find anything or trust his answers and emphatic NO’S when they actually mean YESSSS! However, in the process of emptying the suitcase, I have also gained three floaty, white dance dresses that are so small they would fit my leg…if my leg should want or have the ability to dance!

white dance dress

The college will now be in the same position as me…’I’m sure we had some white, dance dresses’…however, they are not exactly going to suspect a 6 foot 2 man of taking them!

It’s Wednesday and on the way back from rehearsal last night my son asked me to do a snapchat video to one of his friends, who we had been at rehearsal with. I have never done snapchat before, don’t really understand it and have only just got used to Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. I am not great at any of them being on the verge of being an OAP, a slight technophobe and probably not spending enough time to make anyone truly interested in anything I say or do. Anyway, he asked me to say”hello” and talk into his iPhone, just as I hiccupped loudly. Unfortunately it sounded like I was burping! The youngsters all found it highly amusing whilst I found it rather embarrassing. Welcome to my initiation on snapchat. I won’t be doing it again soon.


In phonics today we were looking at the sound ‘v’… on trying to think of words that began with the letter I was a bit surprised, shocked even, when a 4 year old put a hand up and said ‘vodka’.


V for Vodka, W for Whiskey, P for Pimms, B for Bailey’s, A for Alcohol…I can see my new classroom alcohol alphabet frieze taking off with the modern day child and being a best seller!

It’s Thursday and Happy Saint George’s Day to all!


I wished my son’s showed some ability to be strong and heroic. One was asked to put some washing in the machine but his strength must have disappeared before reaching the machine as I have just found the full washing basket on the floor…NEXT to the machine. I asked for the dishes I washed to be put away but they must have been extremely heavy as they are still there. I hope I find the strength to get through the rest of Thursday and Friday!

Friend-Poor little poppets

Husband- Well in MY day….women did all the housework. Dunno what all the fuss is about…. (sits back and waits)

Friend- Me thinks you are in big trouble and it is not like you can run away!

Me-I’d been hoping that a domestic goddess on crutches and with a beard would set a fine example to the little poppets…it looks unlikely so I might be using a crutch as an aid…and not a walking one!