October 18, 2014

Friday 5th September-Car Alarm Nightmare

Morning…Lovely catch up at the pub and would have benefited from good night’s sleep but sadly not to be. Woken at 4am by persistent car alarm going off. Mutter to husband “Is that yours?”…one way to get him moving and fast! Couldn’t find his keys so that got me moving…although slow! Middle of the night so trying to be quiet, but with siren wailing and husband shouting our house volume button was at its maximum. Keys eventually found in his jeans pocket. We will be Mr and Mrs Popular today, the car will be at the garage today and I will be very sleepy today…just as well I’m back on the steroids to get me moving, although I would be grateful if the moving was with the energy of a twenty something and not a woman of my actual age.

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