May 29, 2015

Monday 27th -Wednesday 29th April The Cardboard Diet

Morning…I had a very busy early morning start taking a wet toilet roll out of the downstairs toilet sink and doing other domestic chores. I’m not sure who put the toilet roll in the sink or why it was there, but there was no alternative for the soggy paper than the bin.

I am sad to say that I went on the scales at the weekend and the shock was such that I have returned to a mid week lunch of three crackers (19 calories each) with Philadelphia cheese, plus tomatoes on the side and raspberries for dessert…what a miserable feeling.

cracker bread

Our half termly topic at school is animals and this week it is one of my favourite stories ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’.

tiger who came to tea

The trouble with the story is it talks about food all the time, something I’m trying not to do at the moment. The tiger ate all the cakes, all the buns, all the…well basically he ate just everything. When my son was little, he loved the book. He was a difficult eater and I used to bribe him to eat by telling him the story at the same time as shovelling another mouthful of food in his mouth. It worked and it is a shame that I can’t now find a similar ploy, as aged 22 he is still a fussy eater but no longer interested in me reading him a story.

It’s Tuesday and more cardboard for me although I feel a dieting wobble coming on as it is my son’s girlfriend’s 18th birthday. It is most inconsiderate of her, particularly as I have been so proactive in my weight loss (well, for all of one day!) but I’ve a feeling cake on day two will be a necessity which just goes to show I have no self will.

Only day two of the week and not much hope for my brain or the children I teach. After I did the station run, I sailed past my work on my way home! Sadly, I had to do an about turn at the next roundabout, despite my bed crying out for me to keep going.

It’s Thursday and what a day yesterday was. After school I had an hour and a half of my body pretending to be George and the Dragon and following various dance instructions at a course. A child in my class had bought in a  brilliant dragon for show and tell, so I kept that in mind. Whilst my facial expressions looked scary enough, my body wasn’t quite able to contort to the shapes I was hoping for, but I tried my best, which as teachers is all we ask for.


In the evening we had an hour of rehearsing outside in the freezing cold and dark for Fiddler On The Roof. Setting and practised the final curtain calls in the open air was a new experience and caused by a forgotten rehearsal room key. It was so cold, I was turning blue, so had to go and get a rug out of the car to wrap round me and convincingly looked like I was in Anatevka in Russia. Finally, instead of a 30-40 min journey home we had an hour long journey, thanks to the M3 being shut…I hate that blooming motorway and it’s roadworks at the moment! Today to cheer me up, I have more cardboard to eat…oh joy!