October 18, 2014

Saturday 6th September- Spa or Spar

Morning…oh so tired after bad night’s sleep…any bright spark out there want to invent a temperature changing mattress and duvet for women of a certain age? Cats and children don’t help and watching Escape to the Country was appealing rather than mind numbing! Hoping day two of steroids and a couple of headache tablets might help me spring into action of sorts. Off to a Spa hotel with my old college friends so action limited but looking forward to excelling in A* subjects.

Just as well I noticed spell check as it was sending me to Spar, that well known local food store, which wouldn’t be as exciting! Have a good weekend all…I’m hoping to.

Friend 1-in an attempt to educate the educator, the word ‘Spar’ in dutch means ‘fir’ and right from the start the fir tree was used as the symbol to identify the organisation. The word ‘Spaar’ in dutch means ‘savings’


Friend 2- Morning..I’m taking brother to buy something smart for Swan awards

Friend 1-Don’t go to Spar for outfit, they mostly sell out of date spam

Friend 3- Good to be educated re.Spar

Friend 1-Knowledge is power!

Husband-Spar is also an anagram of rasp, which is the sound I’m just making.

Me- Thanks, will look at Spar in a new light…energy saving perhaps!

Friend 1-I see what you did there!

Mother in Law- Why don’t you get one of those chilled pillows? They¬†guarantee to keep cool!

My Christmas list has started…