June 6, 2015

Thursday 7th -Saturday 9th May Questions Galore!

Morning…getting closer to our Fiddler on the Roof performance, so we had an extra rehearsal last night and went to The Turks Head pub in Twickenham. It took me down memory lane, as it was a pub we rehearsed in for many years when we were first married and our children were tiny. I can recall our eldest sitting in a car seat as a baby and being passed round various members as we rehearsed…some parents might frown on it, but it worked for us. The pub is now the home of the Bearcat Comedy Club and has had a big makeover since we were last there. It was a lovely pub to rehearse and meet up in, although parking can be tricky because of it’s location.

The Turk's Head, Twickenham, Fuller's

On the car journey home however, the discussion seemed to be about wind. The weather was fine, but someone apparently had a problem and no one could decipher exactly who!

Today on the agenda are class photos and the election. So many questions unanswered this morning…What to wear? Who to vote for?….and who and what caused the wind?

It’s Friday and yesterday was manic! Firstly, staff photo, then class photo. Modelling is not for me…far too many questions again…How to stand? Should I smile? What smile should I put on? How can I look slimmer? How can I not look old and wrinkly? Which is my best side? Do I have a best side? Why do I need to be in this photo? Please tell me how I can hide and not be seen? Isn’t that what children are there for…


Added to the photos, we had my class assembly practice, a meeting with my student’s tutor, my students lesson observation, running the school choir, along with the matter of teaching phonics and checking maths targets…I’m exhausted and so glad it is Friday and Reflexology after school! Note to self…. when children are moving like elephants to the Carnival of the Animals music it is not a good move to shout out very loudly ” keep swinging it about”…particularly when my colleagues are in the same room! They of course ask the question “What is swinging about?”  and were most interested in knowing “Who needed to keep swinging it about?”…the elephants of course!

Carinval of the animals

It’s Saturday…what a week and a weekend ahead. I was feeling so relaxed after my reflexology so me and my two cronies popped up the road to the pub to see a local girl, who we know, playing in her band.

Highwayman pub

I call ourselves cronies, because we all felt so old in a pub that was filled with people so young! We tried to fit in and not look out of place, but there is always that question, were we trying too hard and making a complete fool of ourselves? My son turned up, so as I danced and swung my ageing hips about, I did wonder.. am I an embarrassing mother? However, I bought him a couple of drinks and got to the point where I thought “who really cares?” We did have a great night…we chatted, drank, danced, along with feeling ancient. We are now looking forward to seeing her perform at the local music festival, Gig On The Green at the end of June, when I can yet again be, not exactly a girl, but an embarrassing mum, who likes to have fun!