June 7, 2015

Sunday 10th-Tuesday 12th May Richmond May Fair

Morning…Yesterday we had a good day at Richmond May Fair giving out leaflets, promoting our upcoming show Fiddler on the Roof and selling raffle tickets.

group may fair

Some of the TOPS cast were dressed in basic costume and others like me, wore our new TOPS sweatshirts. Mine was a lovely, bright purple colour.

The weather was kind although a bit windy, so the gazebo lasted all of minutes and collapsed!There were lots of stalls, lots of fairground style rides, lots of people, lots of performers and a variety of music playing in the background. We tried to play the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack to draw people to our stall and we even started to sing and dance along, but our quiet sound system was overpowered by the showground system. Sadly, us quiet retiring sorts had to sing and bop not just to our backing track, but to whatever was playing and it got noticed!

Richmond may fair slide

richmond may fair 15

May fair roundabout

Never before has my dancing been an asset but apparently I distracted an elderly man, who was looking for plants by my random dance moves. He also liked my purple hoodie! I was about to be super impressed with my dancing skills and did suggest as a sales pitch, that he might like to see more of my dancing in Fiddler on the Roof. However he then informed me that the reason he liked my purple hoodie was because his ex wife wore a purple flared trouser suit when they got married and he wore a black furry suit. Suddenly his compliments and my dancing skills were put into perspective…my dancing was THAT good!

me jigging at may fair

Lunchtime and my back needed a rest and my body needed sustenance, so a friend kindly bought me a hot dog. Not sure it was big enough and not sure passing strangers were too  impressed at my delicate eating habits!

may fair eating a sausage


After a tiring few hours we packed up our leaflets and tickets and had a well deserved drink at the pub. Richmond is such a lovely place and has lots of really good pubs. I then made my way down the M3 before the Rugby crowds left, missing the traffic

richmond Fair pub

pub Richmond fair

It is Monday and I have that first day of the week feeling! Both sons not well, I have a sore throat and am struggling to stay fit and healthy for show week and my first task of the morning is clearing cat sick, even she had that Monday morning feeling too!

We had a Fiddler on the Roof rehearsal yesterday and my car was in a little car park prang! I was waiting to enter the car park and a friend turned round one way but not the other and backed into me. Thankfully, it doesn’t look too badly damaged, just a little paint work damage. Rehearsal went ok and costumes coming together.

Fiddler on the Roof with Alan

The sun at least shone and I got a special SATS breakfast before work to get me ready for my day, a sausage in a roll, my staple diet recently!

It is Tuesday and I still have a sore throat. I am back on the Manuka honey and Green tea…fingers crossed but worried.