June 12, 2015

Wednesday 13th- Friday 15th May Boffin Status Eludes Me!

Morning…Listening to the sound of snoring to my left and birds tweeting to my left and right can only mean one thing…it’s far too early to be awake! Rehearsal last night and playing the part of the ghost Fruma Sarah I am struggling to see the conductor through the wafting of material scarves by the entire chorus. Now that I am wearing a veil over my face too, I am struggling to see at all, so contemplating wearing my night time glasses as a visual aid. Somehow I’m not sure it will look in keeping but just goes to show what I am increasingly feeling, ‘I’m getting very old!’

It’s Thursday and at school we re-enacted the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff in true Pie Corbett fashion.


Last night on our return journey home we re-enacted our own version. This is how it goes..

‘Once Upon a time there were three red foxes..daddy fox, mummy fox and baby fox who lived in a field. One dark night they wanted to cross the road. Baby fox crossed the road and the little blue car just missed him making the car passengers jump! Mummy fox crossed the road and the little blue car missed her making the passengers jump further! Daddy fox crossed the road and the little blue car missed him making the passengers not only jump, but have near heart attacks and need a lie down in a darkened room!’ Three in a row? It had us foxed…


My colleague was described as a ‘boffin’ for being so organised and on top of everything. I want to reach ‘boffin’ status but heart attacks don’t really help…

Time Hop reminded me of another reason why ‘boffin’ status might be eluding me.

‘Just found myself re enacting  an unseasonal Spring scene from the film The Snowman…I opened the fridge door, light on and stood there enjoying the chill with an inane smile on my face. It is surprising what pleases an overheating menopausal woman’ Menopausal women’s brains are not capable of boffin status!


It’s Friday and new parents evening last night so home late. Off to the farm today, so hoping that the skies had their rain quota yesterday…It’s FRIDAY!