June 14, 2015

Saturday 16th May Bocketts Farm

Morning… how do you get soaking wet at a farm when it doesn’t rain? You go on the first tractor ride of the day after a day of torrential rain and sit underneath a canopy full of collected rain water! We were half way up the hill at Bocketts Farm and drenched, before the tractor driver decided to stop and clear the overhead canopy.

Bocketss farm rain on tractor

Our tractor journey took us up through the woods, past the pigs, the cows and some new highland cattle and gave us a wonderful view before taking us back down past the fields with deer and other farm animals in them.

bockets farm view

We visited the stables.

bockets farm horse

bockets farm donkey

bockets farm donkey 1

We held some of the small animals, watched a goat being milked and all felt the warm jug of milk.

Bockets bunny

bockets milking goat

We went into the big barn and saw lots of animals with their babies and a few more unusual farm animals.

Bockets farm sheep

bockets farm goats

Bockets farm barn

Bocketss farm Barn

After lunch we watched the pig racing and some of the children got to wave a flag.

Bockets farm pig racing

We saw some ducks and geese and all the children had a great time in the huge play area before taking the coach trip back to school. Everyone, including me were very tired but happy after a great day.

goose bockets farm

As if I hadn’t had enough of blooming animals I then spent an evening chasing Winston the rabbit round the garden. Having finally tricked him into the kitchen I then had more  chasing around our kitchen island with the laundry basket as a hoopla…I didn’t win the prize…he kept escaping!