October 25, 2014

Sunday 7th September- Oldies Spa Weekend

Morning…ladies in their fifties Spa weekend at Sopwell House in Herts.

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It started with us spending 5 minutes trying to unlock the wrong room…159 is very similar to 156  and in our fifties with deteriorating eye sight and brain cells its an easy mistake, although which body part was at fault I couldn’t say! Let’s all bring a few snacks for a light lunch it was suggested…the abundance of food and drink provided by five was so hugely embarrassing that after unpacking and with the knowledge the porter was about to arrive we stuffed everything in a drawer out of sight. Once he had left we unpacked excess amounts of food and drink to find the unnoticed Holy Bible underneath, which might have been trying to tell us something.

We all had two much needed relaxing beauty treatments.Glad the therapist left me alone to get ready as the sight of me trying to hoist ageing body on to a rather high massage bed was a sight to behold! It has yet again reaffirmed the fact that body is getting old and doesn’t move as it once did.. was hoping that after a back, shoulder massage and facial it would take ten years off me but sadly think it it was more like ten minutes!

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Anyway we ate huge amounts of delicious food which helped expanding waistlines, drank not as much alcohol as we used to, which helped ageing livers and chatted for England and Wales (one friend is Welsh) which helped exercise vocal chords and UK relations so all is good in the world!