June 19, 2015

Sunday 17th May My Am Dram Aid..Nip & Tuck!

Morning…the dress run yesterday of Fiddler on the Roof went quite well. The costumes and beards looked great and the men looked suitably Jewish.

fiddler rehearsal 4

The dancing was suitably energetic.

Fiddler rehearsal 6

The acting was suitably dramatic.

fiddler reheasal 10

The props were suitably simple.

fiddler rehearsal 8

These two were suitably hung over..

fiddler rehearsal  9

and my husband was suitably cast in the role of Tevye!

rehearsal 7

Our choreographer who is extremely hard to please, was even heard to say the words “good”…we presumed she was talking about our performance, but I suppose she could have been agreeing with the fact I think I’m getting a cold or even my desire and need to go on a diet! I am becoming increasingly aware that this is something I must do, although yesterday I sampled the greatest one minute weight loss ever. I lost a stone visibly in seconds with what I now refer to as the ‘nip and tuck’ weight loss programme… useful to anyone not wanting to look like a beached whale on stage….I will now be on this programme all week, after viewing myself in a photograph and hoping I can firstly breathe and secondly, move my arms…our choreographer will not be saying the words ‘good’ if I can’t!

Husband-oh hell, does that mean we have to audition for the role of the pregnant beached whale then?

Friend-I can highly recommend weight loss programme…it happened before our eyes.

Here I am in the Mama’s group photo  looking horrifyingly large, before the nip and tuck procedure

fiddler rehearsal 2

and here I am afterwards, one stone lighter…so simple!

fiddler rehearsal 3

After the rehearsal we went to the pub for a quick drink and catch up which is always lovely and then we made the long journey home.

Today it is band call which I always love. The music comes alive, the show is lifted and the performers start to buzz with excitement, or nerves depending on their disposition!

This year the band call is being done in the Foyer of Hampton Hill Playhouse where we are performing the show.

We all sat around and sang as the band played through the whole show and the Musical Director ironed out any problems. My wailing solo, the Dream, worryingly has the most..I’m not panicking at all!

band call

Band call 2

Band call over and a quick sort out of our busy and overcrowded dressing room. This was followed by another quick drink and bite to eat at the pub, ready for the long tech run ahead…an Am Dram stagey weekend it is!