June 21, 2015

Monday 18th- Saturday 23rd May Show Week!

Morning…may show week commence…I’m a bit tired after a long tech run last night!

It’s Tuesday and I am waiting at Frimley park Hospital physio department for a chat about my back! Last night Fruma-Sarah went without the veil over the face so that she could see the monitor in the distance and know when to start her wailing!

group fiddler photo

Now she needs to add a wet flannel to her dressing room accessories as she needs to wipe off scary white make up in double quick time to come back on stage looking like a respectable wedding guest!

wedding picture 1

She also needs a helping hand on and off the box behind the bed and needs to be able to see what she is doing…she doesn’t want to fall and do any more damage to her body! Opening night tonight so fingers crossed…

It’s Wednesday and all the ladies were very grateful to the men for their lovely flowers.

fiddler flowers

Great feedback from opening night. It went very well and we had a very appreciative audience who gave us some great comments like “amazing performance” ” a fabulous evening with an amazing cast” and “a fantastic show…well done!” Unfortunately the journey back home was not great, amazing or fantastic, as they decided to firstly shut the M3 and then very cleverly also the A30 which was our diverted route…why would they do this? I had to go on some de tour via Woking making our journey home twice as long, when it was already far too late and now this morning I certainly don’t want to be WOKING UP! We seem to be eating sweets galore during the show in the dressing room and sugar high calorie laden food is in abundance, so my diet will not be happening this week. When I shouted out loud “Haribo, super mix Haribo” I wondered if I should be in the rumour scene in the show following on from the shouts of “fish, fresh fish” or “bagels, lovely bagels” but I don’t suppose Haribo’s were in existence!…show 2 tonight.

rumour scene

It’s Thursday and I announced in the dressing room that I needed to hold on to my ‘Tevye’…I was talking about the word that I wail, but suddenly it has a whole new meaning! I might not be holding on to it all at this rate, as I seem to be getting the cough and throat thing that everyone at school has got…my body can’t fight it much longer!

Friend-that’s what happens when you hold on to your Tevye for toooo long!

Scary wig was added to my look last night!

fiddler scary wig

It’s Friday and last night the ghost of Fruma Sarah was sadly there in body but not voice…the dressing room was quiet, she lacked energy and whilst she danced with a man, something she has done for the first time every day this week, her voice was also sung by a man for the first time…off stage! The veil is now covering her face to prevent any voice sync issues so a helping hand is required to get on the box as she can’t see a thing!

the dream

On the plus side there was no egg bouncing across the stage, it was apparently a slick performance and the M3 was open and I was tucked up in bed well before midnight!

Rave reviews have also meant we have sold out for tomorrow night with people coming a second time.

It’s Saturday and half term begins. Energy needed for two performances today and my lie in didn’t work. Whilst my voice seems a little better and I’m a dab hand at port gargling, I am coughing all the time. It could be curtains for me singing again and trying to bow with a veil is most infuriating it keeps falling over my face!

fiddler curtains