June 24, 2015

Sunday 24th- Wednesday 27th May After Show Celebrations

Morning…a fab and successful show week that has got everyone talking about TOPS Musical Theatre company for the right reasons after it nearly folded last year. Here is my Fiddler on the Roof Flipagram of photos.

I am however not talking as I have no voice, my husband is celebrating as he has no beard


beard gone

and our vice chair will be panicking as he as lots of people turning up at his house in a few hours time to party and apparently can’t move…there is a strong chance it could be mayhem!

bbq food


Thankfully it wasn’t mayhem but a lot of people had a few too many and here is a smiling face of one of them!

It’s Bank Holiday Monday. A great BBQ yesterday so thank you to the hosts, although I had to leave earlier than most as voice gone, throat sore and not feeling at all well.

My slumber was disturbed in the early hours by my husband returning home asking me if I had his phone and camera in my bag. He went downstairs and others returned, so slumber disturbance number two was thanks to noise and general chatting in rather loud voices of the younger generation. Returned to sleep and slumber disturbance number three, was due to phone ringing…husband was trying to locate the same phone he had located earlier and which he left in the bedroom! Think his brane might have been addled by the drink or two. Thank goodness the sun is shining…

We returned later in the day to friends house to finish off all remaining BBQ food and find the Anatevka railway station sign still hanging in a garden bush.

anatevka sign

It’s Tuesday…trying not to talk as my voice is struggling to return. Trying to change the sheets on our bed and struggling, as cat seems to think it is a game! Hope you all continue to enjoy the sunshine and that the workers work hard…I won’t be working at all as thankfully still on holiday.

Bailey under the sheets

It’s Wednesday. It’s becoming a silent half term with persistent coughing, so not much fun. I’m awake early which is also not great. Today I try to look less like a grandma and more like a mama as my hair is  being coloured and cut and for the first time someone else is doing it…hurrah!