June 26, 2015

Thursday 28th- Sunday 31st May Male Escapees!

Morning…my hair was coloured, cut and I was looking as gorgeous as I possibly could for doing yesterdays work…the job I waited for my husband to do but which never happened…three trips to the dump to clear the garden…I’m still not finished!

I live with three men and must have been very bad in a previous life..you give a 22 year old grown man a job to do and in the morning I get faced with this delightful note and a sink still full of washing up! It’s alright, but he doesn’t get up until lunchtime in the holidays and I’m not in a position to shout or argue at the moment. I guess I know who will be doing it, even though I know I shouldn’t. He will meanwhile escape from the chore he was given!

kitchen sink note

Male Friend- Do it! Its your job!!!

Friend- Don’t do it… but now I think you should perhaps prepare dinner and use every pot, pan and bowl you have to add to the pile and make sure you put the note on top!

Husband- I thought it was very courteous. But note it was written in upper case and unsigned. Also why are we buying such expensive kitchen roll. Please see me.

It’s Friday. I’m learning that all men including rabbits need to be watched. The side gate was shut, the other side entrance was blocked but Winston the rabbit, managed to escape into the street for the second time after finding escape route number three…through new bi-fold doors, out kitchen door, into hallway and out of OPEN front door…open because son who failed to do the washing up yesterday was trying to repay me by washing my car and was using the hoover…think Winston is a rabbit getting well above his station, fancy thinking it appropriate to leave by the front entrance!

winston 1

It’s Saturday…terrible night coughing all the time and nearly choked which did not help voice comeback. Had no sleep as son had severe stomach pains and we were googling what it might be. As husband had drunk a few glasses of wine he escaped possible hospital drive and I was on hospital drive standby…thankfully it was not needed in the end, think son’s dodgy tummy was a case of severe constipation!

Time Hop reminded me of a year ago when I went to a wedding at Gretna Green on a train and alcohol was given out as both the bride and bridegroom worked for British Rail and got special permission. That was an experience and I found myself with matching handbag and alcohol can.

accessorize drink