October 25, 2014

Monday 8th September-Swan Award Antics

Morning… yesterday was a day of occasions, some of which I gate crashed! Watched a lovely Jewish wedding relaxing in the hotel garden. Sun was shining and music playing reminded me of our next musical, Fiddler on The Roof.

photo 2 (7)

Luckily I made it back in time for the Richmond Swan Arts Award ceremony at The Landmark Centre, where our Musical Theatre Company had been nominated for various awards. Unfortunately we won only one, but even more distressing was that husband seemed to match every failed nomination with purchasing another bottle of red…the state of him and his friend at the end of the evening meant my two days of rest and relaxation were soon forgotten in their company!

photo 1 (8)

Not sure red wine is as good for the grass as it is for the human mind, but it doesn’t go home in a dinner jacket pocket either, so being the driver of two worse for wear men I made an assessment of the situation and decided grass was best!  My Sunday good deed was helping a grown man to the door and trying out every key on a bunch, which I’m sure is normally used to lock up Wormwood Scrubs…halo shining.

Husband-am I to understand that my bottle of Merlot was poured on to a lawn somewhere? Any reason why it couldn’t have been stored safely at home and enjoyed at a later time, perhaps as a basis for a fine sauce or gravy, or (heaven forbid) sipped from a glass.

No..it wouldn’t have survived and neither would I.