June 28, 2015

Monday June 1st- Saturday June 6th Hanging in there!

Afternoon…It’s Monday and just got home to find I won Yateley Gig On The Green tickets on Facebook! It’s about time something went right…thankfully it means my two sons can now come without me having to pay out more money…result.

GOTG winner

It’s Tuesday. I’m not sleeping easy but need as much shut eye as possible, so my early posts are not happening. This morning my eye sight was suffering after squirting perfume in my eyes and taking a writing pencil out to use as an eye pencil. My feet are suffering, as it is freezing cold in flaming June. My body is now suffering after exhausting home visits for new Reception children starting in September. I can however spend my Tuesday evening safe in the knowledge that I have now claimed my winning GOTG winning tickets online and my ghostly apparition portrayal in Fiddler on the Roof, was according to todays Noda write up, “larger than life” and “made an impact both visually and with my acting”…hurrah!

fiddler dream photo

It’s Wednesday. I have been awake since 5am and Escape to the Country has been watched rather than sending me back to sleep! More home visits today, have woken up coughing and so far listened to four alarm clocks going off, only one is mine and so far no one has got up!


Here is my own Wednesday image..

wednesday image

It’s Thursday. My car is going for its MOT today. The wind screen wiper is fraying and it needs a new battery as light keeps coming on so think it might fail. Day four of home visits and I think I’m in need of an MOT…smiling, happy face is fraying and my battery is flagging…wishing it  was Friday but sadly only Thursday.

hang in there...thursday

It’s Friday. I am being a London Commuter as going on an Excellence in Early Years course. Have even managed to catch an earlier train, buy tea and pastry as no time for breakfast. I’m trying to ignore the niggling headache…Never been to London so early in the morning and the silence and shut eyes on the train was an eerie experience! The course was very good although the room hot with the sun blazing through the windows and a lot of listening was required…the two together along with already niggling headache weren’t a perfect match. The lunch however, an important factor in all day courses was delicious and the view from the top of the building great!

london at courseLondon at course 1

The train home was a very different experience…crowded and noisy. One poor lady opposite had a bandage cover over one eye. As the guard announced where the train was stopping she asked if it stopped at Fleet. I replied “I hope so, as that is where I am going!” There was a little bit of chat during the journey and as we arrived the lady with the bandage asked if I could help her off the train as she couldn’t see. I picked up her bags, which included flowers and helped her towards the door. I asked her if she was coming home from hospital and she explained that she had had two operation on her eye as she had a tumour. The first was to remove the tumour and the second to put in a plate. The lady was Maltese and when I asked her how she was getting home she said “by taxi”. I asked if she had any family around and she said she had a son in Malta who had visited her, but had now returned and she was going to visit him soon. I asked the lady where she lived, but did not know the area otherwise I would have taken her home myself. Instead I took her to the taxi driver and explained her predicament. Her situation played on my mind and I pondered on how a hospital could discharge someone who had no family at home, was leaving on public transport and who couldn’t see..so sad.

Yep by 8pm, I was in bed with my headache and had the energy to party on a Friday night of an old lady!

Its Friday and I'm ready to party

It’s Saturday. I was supposed to be going to visit my mum in Lymington but she is back in hospital after reacting in every way possible to chemo, so we will be visiting her in hospital instead.