June 30, 2015

Sunday 7th- Tuesday 9th June A Toilet Roll Gift!

Morning…spent the afternoon yesterday with my mum at Southampton Hospital and think she will be in for a few days yet, as she is still dehydrated and they won’t start her next bout of chemo until it is sorted. Her rash, ulcers and painful feet are gradually diminishing and she is gradually getting her appetite back, although hospital food is not particularly appetising! She has her own room, but without the view she had the last time. I had to be silenced by my husband for using my rather loud outside voice and laugh in the hospital, so must try and find an inside voice for visiting times!

Somebody during Fiddler on the Roof gave my husband a gift of a piano keys toilet roll, which is currently in use in our toilet. The thought behind the gift was lovely and I’m not an ungrateful soul, but please people use it quick! It is crisp, hard, noisy, difficult to flush and looks as though something unsavoury has happened in our toilet each time it doesn’t flush!

toilet paper

It’s Sunday and someone is quite relaxed..

relaxed bailey

It’s Monday. Two out of four have left the house and two out of four are still in bed! Rehearsal yesterday in London for son who is in a cabaret. It was happy, calm and amazingly finished early! I only needed one out of the two costumes I took, but my son now has a dodgy Abba costume to wear. We decided that the choreographer who is a wonderful lady but with a tendency to get stressed, must have been on the vodka like one of my son’s friends who was nursing a big hangover! Today it’s Sports Day Practice in the sun..

abba costume 1

It’s Tuesday. I got to lunchtime and unable to open my eyes for over an hour. it wasn’t that I needed a sleep, although a pillow and a duvet would have been nice, but my eyes did not like that we had been practising for Sports Day and the grass was being cut! I have now purchased the allergy relief stock from Boots. Not sure why, but this week is going slowly…


Evening…it’s gone ten and just home…Ofsted called today…what great timing! Thanks for the loveliest birthday present ever for me to look forward to.