July 11, 2015

Monday 22nd-Thursday 25th June Inappropriate Puddings!

Morning…there is nothing like going to B & Q and buying a wheelbarrow of stuff and finding when you get to the till that your son has your credit card…Where?…back at home! On the plus side I have finished writing my school reports so that is one long winded job ticked off my list.

Husband (from abroad)- Good work, my son. You have successfully blockaded another ‘wheelbarrow of stuff.’ This is to be commended. On an unrelated note…may I enquire as to the nature of the ‘wheelbarrow of stuff’ you were attempting to purchase?


The stuff (flowers, compost and top soil) managed to be paid for with the cash I thankfully had in my purse, but the wheelbarrow, dirtied by the ‘stuff’ was sadly left at the till, much to the disappointment of the management of B and Q.

It’s Tuesday. Today I will mostly be organising a school musical concert and preparing myself for the bronzed, happy wanderer who is coming back from Menorca! I have just enjoyed a piece of toast with butter, marmite and a large piece of paper, which was found when my ageing teeth struggled to chew…how very tasty!


It’s Wednesday. The concert was a success and  the celebratory drink at a pub afterwards rewarding. The mess and snoring have returned, the flowers I planted in the garden two days ago are disappearing, due to roaming hungry rabbit, and a mosquito has decided my ankle was tasty whilst I was asleep! But we are half way through the week.

bite cream

It’s Thursday. We still have various kitchen appliances in our garden. You know your husband is back when you suggest he goes to the dump and he replies with “I’m glad you suggested that I was just going to” and enters the bathroom!

So last night we were celebrating various school birthdays at the pub. I was very reserved (not!) and emptied my handbag for staff to find it hilarious that I should be carrying a bow tie around. It is not a dress up that I secretly enjoy, but I’d forgotten it was given to me for one of my sons and hadn’t taken it out! I also had a slight issue saying sticky toffee pudding after a couple of Pimms!


Unfortunately although the sticky toffee pudding was delicious, the lady eating it says she can never look at one again in the same way. I can’t help that after a Pimms, it is as if I haven’t put my teeth in and the pudding name came out as a “sticky stiffy pudding”..my colleagues laughed and inappropriate remarks were made.

sticky toffee pudding 1

When a colleagues ice cream arrived looking like this, well hysteria reigned! Surely two scoops of ice cream and a wafer could be made to look more appealing and appropriate!? Or does the problem lie with us?

ice cream frog and wicket

The manager was very diplomatic when we apologised for the hilarity and making so much noise and said we added “atmosphere” and it was nice to see us enjoying ourselves…yep we know how to do that!