July 12, 2015

Friday 26th-Sunday 28th June Pirates & Gig On The Green!

Morning…today although the weather forecast is sunny I will be sporting black trousers, stripy t-shirt, waistcoat, sash, black hat and eye patch! This is not because one eye is struggling more with hay fever than the other, but because it is Pirate dress up day for dads and lads in school.

pirate day

I will be leading the ‘dads’ and kids in an on mass hornpipe dance later in the grounds and must watch what words come out of my mouth!

Dancer Friend-OMG ..you are actually LEADING a dance!

Me- yes..I might need a few tips on describing steps! We did the grapevine last year and one of the dad asked if the feet needed to go behind or in front…apparently I said “it doesn’t matter which way you want to do it, Mrs ***** likes to go in front but I like to go behind!”…oopsie…I was totally oblivious to what I had said, whilst those around me sniggered and I wondered why!

It’s Saturday. I have never spotted ageing pirates wearing an eye patch over one eye with a white stick, but I would have needed one as completely blind when wearing one!

pirate face

I’m feeling pirate attire should be worn more often, as a boy who has never commented on my dress sense came up and said ” you look really nice”…seriously? and he didn’t have an eye patch!

pirate group

Pirate dance instructions were fine, but dad’s thought they were decorating a real FISH as when I was giving out activity instructions I failed to add the key word Fish BISCUIT. Today it is the local highlight of the year Gig on the Green and the sun is shining!

I seem to have made it on to a few other FB pages this morning…thank the lord I wasn’t dressed as a pirate and it was only Sports Day. The unflattering footwear was bad enough.

romans picture

It’s Sunday. We had such a great time at GOTG yesterday, the sun shone all day and it was hot, hot, hot! Our group of friends, most of who belong to our musical group, all danced freestyle to Uptown Funk, which got everyone on their feet. I have apparently made someone’s day by grooving through their Sunday morning with the video below and she noted ‘impressive moves’, ‘classic whoos’ and a ‘stirling commentary’ from my rather merry husband! The fact that another friend posted a photo of me from a distance saying he was close enough to be entertained, but far away to not be embarrassed when I started dancing, made me wonder about my supposed impressive moves!!

Afterwards we sang some more, danced some more, drank some more Pimms, chattered and ate rubbish! Husband got out his sun protection, army hat and all the ladies bought hippy flowers to wear in their hair.

Hippy ladies

We listened to a mix of tribute bands from Michael Jackson, Frozen, Madonna, Chilli Fighters, Lionel Richie and Coldplay plus some local bands and singers.

Today it is the first time they have had a day two and it is called Unwind. Musical Theatre and big band music…my favourites.

Can’t believe it started to rain but just as the opening singers began to sing the weather brightened up. The afternoon opened with some local friends singing who are in Musical Theatre and we joined in singing with a bit of Joseph with Daniel Boys. The rock choir sang and big band played. When the big band started to play Fosse all the dance group I belong to started to perform the dance we learnt for a show, which was priceless…my brain had forgotten it as nothing is stored once not needed,so it was a very amusing sight!

We listened to Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra tributes and did the kicks to New York, New York. I was shunned when Frank said he was looking for some Las Vegas backing dancers so my friend and I volunteered but were told to sit down as we were not a size six! The best act of the whole weekend was The Jersey Boys tribute band led by Dayle Hodge, a friend of ours, who got everyone up dancing and singing. A fantastic end to the best weekend I’ve had in ages…next year’s GOTG  is already in the diary.