July 15, 2015

Monday 29th June-Wednesday 1st July Sleeping Easy & Early Morning Navigating!

Morning…well it was a bit of a shock to rise and shine this morning! I had such a GOOD weekend after the Gig on the Green…my back was just beginning to shout at the amount of dancing and standing up I had done, my voice was beginning to whisper at the amount of loud singing I had sung and my tummy was beginning to get jittery at the amount of alcohol I had consumed…now hopefully follows a week of abstaining and recovery, if I can muster up some self control!

It’s Tuesday. Here starts ten days of worry and little sleep as my son and his girlfriend go to Egypt, which after the recent Tunisian terror attack is a concern for me, a worrying mum! Egypt appears to be on high alert from terrorism and is coloured red on the danger maps, so we have had several hours of wondering what best to do.


I have never been to Egypt, so can’t judge what it might be like, but thankfully Sharm el Sheikh has had security increased and on looking into it more deeply my husband seems convinced it is as safe as it can be. Thankfully my son and his girlfriend have cancelled the trip to the desert riding camels, as apparently there is a risk of kidnapping in these areas. Hoping they have a wonderful time and stay very safe.

FCO 329 - Egypt Travel Advice [WEB] Ed16

I have been given my instructions on him leaving, which is to water the grass seed he has sown and it looks like it will need it, as it is going to be hot, hot, hot here! He obviously didn’t read the instructions which said ‘don’t sow seed during a heat wave’!

HURRAH..Son and girlfriend have arrived safely and he says their hotel is UNBELIEVABLE…presuming the capital letters mean he’s happy with the hotel they are staying in which is called Maritim Jolie Ville Golf & Resort. and my capital letters are because I’m happy he’s reached his destination without any hiccups!

egypt 5

Egypt 3

Egypt 1

Love it that you go and water the new grass seed and seconds after the heavens open and it pours with rain!

grass seed

It’s Wednesday. I went to sleep easy in the knowledge that they had arrived safely in Egypt, but mid sleep was faced with a bright light. I thought perhaps my time had come but NO, husband came to bed and chose to shine a bright torch on his sleeping wife’s face!


I decided to take my early morning wake up very easy this morning, but as I drink my tea I am faced with a silent husband and a chatty Sat Nav woman saying “turn next left.” I ask “are you going somewhere?” and his reply is “you are so sarcastic!” Me? Apparently he was testing his updated version of his Sat Nav…lovely to listen to her interesting dulcet tones, instead of his!