October 25, 2014

Tuesday 9th September- Wondering!

Morning…week two of son’s bedroom decorating and he’s wondering how long it is actually going to take. Ten minutes catching Winston the rabbit and other son is wondering how long that is going to take. Only Tuesday and I’m wondering how long this week is going to take…England¬†were playing football last night and whole family¬†were wondering how long scoring was going to take, but like London buses two eventually came at once so everyone was happy…Switzerland 0 England 2

Well, everyone that is except my Mother-in-law. She heard that my husband on watching a cookery programme where contestants had to make a dish inspired by a loved one suggested ‘blackened toast’, inspired by her!


Mother-in-law- Cheeky so and so

Husband-it’s a Cajun dish

Mother-in -law-I excelled at boil in the bag!