July 19, 2015

Monday 6th-Wednesday 8th July Feel Awake & Classy!

Morning…not feeling it today

No its not Monday!

I haven’t been as lively lately which I put down to my bad back and painkillers. I now realise it is down to the new shower gel my son bought and which I accidently used as it was hanging in our shower room! It said it was to help you ‘feel awake’ which is  what I thought I needed, but I failed to see in small letters ‘for men’…100% awake for the three men in my household doesn’t last very long!

shower gel

It’s Tuesday. It’s sad when it is only  Monday and drinking is a necessity. Being a classy sort of girl I drank Pimms with mint leaves and cucumber, but lost the ‘class’ as I drank it from a plastic glass with flowers on it, from Waitrose mind!


Being a classy sort of girl I wore movie sized sunglasses in the staffroom,  as Labrynthitis is messing with my eyes and viewing bright lights is a problem (they were £2 from the M & S sale last year..a bargain!).. I was disappointed to be informed that I am viewed as the Joey Essex of the staffroom! Apparently my reality programme awaits..

Joey Essex cropped

Today I go to the back clinic to learn how to manage my bad back.

It took me over an hour today to get to the hospital ten minutes away and 50 minutes sitting in a traffic jam, thanks to roadworks. My back was feeling better until I sat stationary for so long…ironic that getting to the clinic to attend a class to help manage my back caused it to be worse! Back clinic involved two minutes of various exercises to strengthen my core. I nearly fell off my ball and the speed on the bike didn’t register but I did ok. We then had a chat on posture and I am not to sit, stand or stay in any position for any length of time if I want to help manage my back…so that’s it then, I must alert the Highways maintenance Department and ask if they can inform me of any road works so that I can avoid all traffic jams for starters!

traffic jams

It’s Wednesday. A later get up this morning after a very late return from our Musical Society last night due to junction being closed on the M3 with no notice and our journey being an extra 15 minutes..we were not happy! I moved from Pimms on Monday to wine on Tuesday, so weekly calorie intake on the up! I have just done a bit of Saturday Night Fever dancing at school, so must have lost a few of those calories with my groovy arm movements and turns…hopefully enough for me to have another wine when I go out tonight!

saturday night fever