July 23, 2015

Thursday 9th- Friday 10th July Love Is An Open Door.

Morning…Lovely catch up night at the Frog and Wicket pub in Eversley with my very good friend, where after the week I’ve had it, it was a surprise I drank only the ONE glass of wine! My husband has bought me a new selfie stick in a bag, which we tried to use before we left, but we ended up laughing.

selfie stick

I got into a bit of a pickle when trying to disentangle the iPhone from my lovely pink phone case and pulled out the wrong bit, resulting in this…

phone case

yes, now I have a phone encased in a black case not attached to the cover, so unlikely to protect it!

We did manage a selfie photo in the garden but can see this is going to need a bit of work…have since found out there is a button to press on the stick which means the outstretched arm is not quite so necessary!

sue and me

My brain is currently being taken over by the screams of thirty three children shouting “love is an open door” at the tops of their voices as we rehearse and rehearse for our school birthday celebratory assembly…we have the word LOVE to focus on.  Unfortunately when I got home, I found my husband had taken the words of the song literally and left the bi-fold doors WIDE open for any old Tom , Dick and Harry to walk in whilst he popped out for a drink with friends.

love is an open door 1]

Worried about my husband.. went to wake him this evening as he was making tea and had fallen asleep on the sofa. I shouted his name and his dozy reply was “hold on, it’s opening!”. I shouted his name again realising he was still asleep and he said “I was just about to appear in a big show…can’t you just wait until I appear in it!”…it’s a DREAM for goodness sake!

It’s Friday. I believe son and his girlfriend arrived back from Egypt in the early morning. I have spotted him in his bed so can rest easy. The sun is shining and this morning I will be moaning about my new kitchen instead of my family and dodgy body parts. I am not impressed that with a big bang the dishwasher door broke and we can’t shut it, so I have had to wash and dry ALL dishes by hand. Then the lovely bi-fold doors that we spent so much money on to enjoy in the baking sun, can’t be opened because the rubber runner is loose…I’m all ready to be cross at someone, but thankfully these two are the best of friends…sometimes!

best of friends