July 25, 2015

Saturday 11th-Tuesday 14th July Satnav And Name Issues!

Morning…went to see my son’s end of year college concert last night which was very good.

PPa programme

However, getting there was not so good. The Satnav took us to the wrong place and when we finally arrived, after a few phone calls and directions from students, the principle welcomed us and informed us that 20% have this problem which makes a satellite navigation system most useful! It was the first time that I had met this particular man, whose name was Costa. It is not a usual name, so I spent the whole evening referring to him as Costco and being corrected by my son, who seemed to find it embarrassing. Not dissimilar to a situation with my husband who always called one of my son’s teacher’s at junior school, Mr Cheesestring. In fact his name was Mr Cheeseman…all was fine until parents evening when we arrived and my husband shook his hands warmly and without realising said “Good evening  Mr Cheesestring”…the teacher never batted an eyelid, we inwardly cringed.


It’s Sunday. Kitchen floor in oak is now ordered and being fitted mid August, after we come back from holiday. We watched some of our musical society friends perform at the Riverside Arts Centre in Sunbury last night.

heart and soul programme

It was a great concert and then went on to a lovely 25th Wedding Anniversary party at a nearby rugby club, where silver had to be worn. Unfortunately, I was driving, not just myself and my tiddly husband, but a car load of youngsters from one venue to the other. The satnav was again not doing its job properly, so we ended up getting lost and found ourselves stuck behind a break down lorry on a narrow street. It was trying to wheel on a motorbike but blocking the entire street in the process. Husband decided to shout Evil Knieval comments out of the window oblivious of the policeman sitting nearby,youngsters were hysterical, whilst I tried not to panic and hope we didn’t get told off. We arrived and my silver dance shoes were out shone by these…

Ollies silver shoes

We arrived late but the party was great!

silver wedding anniversary party

Sadly, the disco lights sent my labrynthitis eyes loopy and we left in a hurry getting stuck in a traffic jam on the M3 at 12.45am…not a happy ending to a lovely evening.

It’s Monday and the countdown to end of term begins..

It’s Tuesday and more physio today…hoping I don’t take 50 minutes in a traffic jam to get there…no satnav required.