July 26, 2015

Wednesday 15th- Friday 17th July Wasp Crisis & Normal…Really?

Morning…the dishwasher engineer comes out today so here’s hoping that the washing of dishes won’t need to be done by hand any longer. My hands will hopefully continue to be as ‘soft as my face’ without the huge amounts of Fairy Liquid I’ve been using, as this is apparently according to adverts of old what it does, but maybe they won’t be quite as wrinkly!

fairy liquid

My kitchen might also stop being a mess because it would seem that men don’t seem to like washing dishes.

Engineer came, went and is coming back as apparently he had every part, but the one we needed! Thankfully he has made it useable. We have to make sure we don’t let the door go and have to guide it down slowly, as otherwise it might break. Sounds like my body…think I’ve let it go, had no guidance and having to face the fact there are parts that are broken!

It’s Thursday. Husband is talking in his sleep, the dishwasher has lost it’s spring, son number one made a whirlwind appearance last night before his college SLEEPOVER (aged 22) and son number two (aged 19) can’t remember one simple instruction… thank the lord I’m so NORMAL

! me not normal.jpg 1

It’s Friday. Sorry, I lied. I can’t possibly say I’m normal after yesterday! I was seen with leggings round my knees, clutching a bottle of vinegar in the Reception school toilets . This was followed by a sight that has scarred many..me holding vinegar soaked paper towels to my knee and groin area and being fed Piriton over the toilet door by a colleague…couldn’t do it myself as hands were otherwise engaged! Although this is me a little while later…a sad and pained face that my colleagues laughed at.

me after wasp sting

Unfortunately, this is what happens when Year 6 children visit one last time, whilst all the other children move to their new classes and manage to upset an unnoticed wasps nest which then goes on the attack. The sight of children running towards me screaming, surrounded by wasps proved to me that in a WASP CRISIS I’m not great! The children were covered and I called through the door “I need help quickly…WET TOWELS”…why? I’m not exactly sure. The help came…the wet towels didn’t. All the children were brought inside and wasps were everywhere. How I got stung when I was wearing leggings I’ll never know. It was however very painful and I was seen wondering the school walking like I’d been on a horse for far too long, searching for vinegar as someone said this was the answer. The kitchen was shut, but thankfully some was found in the science experiment resources and so I found myself slumped on the toilet seat in a certain position…I gave you the image earlier! As I sat I could hear all the children aged 11 singing in the next door classroom ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’..a crisis in school and you always sing! The pain went on for rather longer than expected and left a mark so that my colleagues went over and above their call of duty. I stuck my dress between my legs and they got the sting suction gadget and were seen kneeling with bottom stuck out of the toilet door as they attacked my raised leg/groin area…mortifying for me and them! I apologise for the sight they had to see, but thank them profusely. We have since heard that wasps don’t leave a sting so mortification could have been prevented…a little!

Happy to get home to large scrapings of this..

bite cream