July 28, 2015

Saturday 18th-Sunday 19th July BBQ Laughs & Pizza Delivery!

Morning…a lot of laughs at the school BBQ, so the ageing process has severely increased and my facial muscles and wrinkles seem doomed!

school bbq

The wasp saga was discussed a lot, I was called Pam (from Gavin and Stacey) by our caretaker, did a good old ‘Carry On’ face when I had my photo taken with him (oh Matron!) and of course our party were the last to leave!

carry on face

The journey home was an interesting one and was all about the sausage rolls! There were plenty left over so they were handed out to each of us as a late night car snack. It was pointed out to one colleague that they needed to be careful and mustn’t drop crumbs on the spotless car seat. The retort back was “it’s ok I can put it all in in one go” and with a mouth as wide as a tunnel, the whole sausage roll was stuffed in and the car giggles began! When we passed through the local town it was late night clubbing time and a very drunk transvestite dressed in a Dolly Parton wig, short skirt and stilettos was falling about the street, distracting both us passengers and our driver who struggled to maintain control of the car for laughing!

We arrived home and I found a pizza delivery man at my front door but no one in the house had apparently ordered any…after much discussion, I found myself paying for a pizza that was apparently for my son who was not yet home from work. He had given strict instructions on when the pizza was to arrive, but they had arrived early, so son got a better deal than he’d bargained for, whilst I was out of pocket!


TOPS, our musical society is having a local BBQ today. Normally it is at our house but as we still have no grass and a mound of rubble, some friends who are also in the society have kindly offered their garden.

It’s Sunday. A small but select group were at the BBQ as many were away or otherwise engaged, but laughter lines continue to appear. Fiddler on the Roof memories are still in the garden with the Anatevka sign hanging in the trees.



Jack & Maisise TOPS BBQ

My husband and some of the men started their partying rather earlier than most, which was bad news for some. A small child was talking about zombie turtles now known as zurtles, silly faces were made and some interesting dance moves were demonstrated!

zurtle face

When my husband walked past my son and asked if he would like to feel the wind in his hair, I think he would have appreciated it if he had worn these!

fart photo

The last week at work approaches.