October 25, 2014

Wednesday 10th September- Chuffed!

Morning…son number one chuffed that he met his Southampton football hero, son number two chuffed that he has read seven chapters of a book, (unheard of) I will be chuffed if my class of 4 and 5 year olds take less than half an hour to get changed for their first P.E lesson but not sure my husband will be chuffed to know that on discussing sexy voices in the staff room that I announced some people like to listen to his deep actors voice but followed it up with “you don’t have to look at him”…I knew what I meant!


Friend 1- I’ll be chuffed if my daughter gets ready for school in under 30 minutes

Friend 2- I’m chuffed we are half way through the week

Friend 3- I’m chuffed to have a day off work!

Husband- I’m keeping quiet about my chuff