August 6, 2015

Thursday 23rd July An Evening of Wicked

Morning…tired after a very long, tiring but brilliant day yesterday. It is always good to check your dress is not tucked into your knickers after going to the toilet and entering a hall full of parents and children…sadly I didn’t! When going into the hall for the leavers assembly I decided I had better quickly nip to the toilet and went rushing into the hall when a parent came over to me and quietly suggested I might want to adjust my clothing..thank goodness I was wearing leggings underneath, otherwise the view and embarrassment could have been far worse! I had worn my green dress in readiness for our trip to visit the Emerald City in the evening…my face stayed red rather than green for a few minutes after.

Our journey and trip to London to see Wicked was full of laughter.

Wicked 1

We left school promptly, all collected in one car and made our way to Farnborough station. We were early, so decided to sit in the waiting room and I thought I’d make use of my new selfie stick with a group photo. A simple task if you know how to put the selfie stick together, but hilarious when you have never used a selfie stick, struggle to put it together and find it takes several adult minds and hands to work it out!


We laughed so much that the station porter entered and said “I thought you were a lot of kids making all that noise!”…no, we were a lot of school workers pleased to NOT be surrounded by kids for the next 5 weeks..SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! One of my colleagues decided to glance at the reading material left for waiting passengers and found….


… indeed we were about to behave quite rebelliously and without applause! However it made for interesting reading whilst waiting. The selfie photo was finally taken and the faces with huge grins said it all.

wicked 3

We got on train number one and a colleague with a Mary Poppins style bag produced some teacher rebel snacks for everyone which we consumed rather rapidly.

Wicked 4

We got off the train at Clapham Junction and found that the train we needed was already waiting at the station. We ran as fast as we could but leg length and fitness meant that we were not all as fast as each other, so some were on the train as the guard blew his whistle whilst others were still on the stairs! “Get away from the door” was screamed as we held the door open (so rebellious) for that little bit longer..we all managed to just get on just in time and without being squished by the closing doors! Time for another train selfie, with the selfie stick we were getting used to using.

wicked 6jpg

We got off at Victoria station and the maps were pulled out to find the whereabouts for a restaurant that I have never been to called Giraffe. We  found the theatre first and decided that we should have a photo outside the theatre whilst it was still light and relatively unbusy. The selfie attempt started and I was just getting there, when a very kind gentleman offered to take a photo of us all which obviously seemed much easier and had a better chance of accuracy or so I hoped..One photo was all of us standing around not at all ready and pulling faces and then we had this it, just!

wicked 8

We finally found the restaurant and more drinking and eating was on the cards.

I had a Mango and Lime Daiquiri ¬†cocktail which was delicious but there was a problem with the way I pronounced ‘daiquiri’ which caused much discussion!

Wicked drink jpg

A delicious burger with good sweet potato fries and evil calorie laden pudding meant I was well and truly stuffed but ready for Wicked.

wicked 9jpg

I have loved and listened to the Wicked soundtrack for ages, love the music and have been wanting to see it for ages. I have watched and heard snippets and whilst knowing it was about the two witches from the Land of Oz, I had no idea about the whole story. We were quite high up in the gods as even though I looked for deals and the show has run for a while it still seemed to be quite expensive. The female voices in the performance were superb and I loved the drama, music and staging, although sometimes being so high up I felt I missed bits. Some of my colleagues whilst enjoying it, did not consider it a show they would want to see again and it does seem to be a marmite type of show which is quite apt..watching the battle of good versus evil is a show that people either love or hate! I am a lover and look forward to seeing it again but maybe a tad closer.

wicked 10 wicked 11