August 9, 2015

Friday 24th- Monday 27th July Bank Forgetfulness!

Morning…today I ¬†am catching up on housework and taking my son round Camberley to hand in a few CV’s in the hope he will get a job or at least some interviews. He needs to do something more regular now that it is likely he has to have a second gap year before going to drama college. This evening I get my hair coloured and cut in readiness for going away…you can tell I was a girl guide in my youth and like to be prepared!

It’s Saturday. Yesterday was wet and windy and last night chilly, even for me a woman of an overheating age! Age is beginning to be a concern…not only did I have to cover my greying hair but memory seems well and truly shot to bits. I spent 5 minutes struggling to pay a cheque into the HSBC bank.

HSBC jpg

Until my son pointed out that the problem might be because I now bank with Santander.


I didn’t change just recently, but over TEN years ago!…how could I possibly forget?!!

It’s Sunday. It’s raining again so the desire I had yesterday to walk daily has suddenly disappeared. A wardrobe clearout has made me realise why elastic and stretch fabric has become a clothing essential and why I may never be Miss Fashionable. My husband has not been happy this Sunday morning, a day of peace and goodwill to all men. He has been telling off the cat for eating his ear phones…goodwill not stretched to cats, although cat doesn’t seem that bothered!

relaxed bailey

Husband Alert…although he was adamant the cat had eaten his foam ear phones and got really cross with him he has since found them caught up in the bed although he is certain the cat must have either spat them out or I put them there!

It’s Monday. Enjoying a lie in after the worst nights sleep ever! Not helped by both son’s wandering round. One was having a bath at gone midnight to help him sleep but the very loud water system refilling was keeping me awake. The other padding up and down to the kitchen to get a drink and no doubt have his late night cigarette. Sadly Escape to the Country did not send me to sleep and I wanted to move to the Welsh Border Countryside for some peace.

escape to the country

My bathroom cabinet is now empty of out of date medicine. Off down the M3 later to my parents for the New Forest Show..hurrah!