August 16, 2015

Wednesday 29th July Smiles at The New Forest Show

Morning…my early cup of tea has arrived thanks to dad and I am pleased to announce that my purse is coping far better with the New Forest Show than my mums! She has purchased among other things a soup maker, which I am thinking about and a waste paper basket which I am not thinking about! My mum has always been a hoarder and this mornings discussion has been as to whether the old bin was bad enough to be completely chucked away or not…we decided to take a view on it.


I think the photo speaks dad and I won the discussion and the unravelling bin is in the bin,although obviously not the bin we have just bought, because that would be just foolish!

My mum was about to buy a bargain rotary dryer for my brothers new house, until I pointed out that the word she half looked at and thought said ‘rotary’ was in fact the word ‘Royalty’ and although it was metal and long and looked the shape of a rotary dryer it was in fact a mop!

royalty mops NFS 2015

Today other family members join us at the show and some of them are very little, so our day will be more child friendly and the show certainly has loads to do for kids! Back at home my husband leaves for Menorca for three weeks leaving my two sons house sitting…please give me, the house and the animals the strength to cope and survive!

Todays Show meanderings included the church tent for a touch of face painting, badge and flower making, whilst the grown ups drank tea. Here we are pretending to be meowing cats afterwards, which made the little one smile.

face painting NFS

We saw lots of different animals including a pig and her piglets.

pigs NFS

We went round the sheep tent and saw a variety of sheep and lambs that included black, white and even orange. No, my eyes were not deceiving me, but it is a type I have never seen before. These sheep had very cute faces, thick, curly wool and seemed to smile when I asked them to.


Today’s lunch in the members enclosure was not quite so healthy and a lot more fattening than yesterdays, but I thought I’d done rather well not having both the scone and sandwich selection and the cream tea certainly put a smile on my face.

not so healthy lunch

family picture NFS 2015

Today we arrived early to watch the Household Cavalry Musical Drive and managed to find seats near the front in the members enclosure.It was well worth the wait. The sight and sound of the majestic, red uniformed soldiers on horseback performing the drill was a unique experience and truly amazing, even if one of the horses didn’t stay sitting down when he was supposed to! I took some video of it ,so hope to use it in a New Forest Show Vlog when my editor has some time to put it all together :-) Their breast plates and helmets with white plumes were gleaming in the sunshine, their long black boots shiny and they looked immaculate, but I couldn’t help thinking in the heat ‘how do they cope?’ In waiting we also saw the horses and carriages which came on beforehand and is always a lovely sight.

household cavalry

Afterwards we went to see the ‘Dog and Duck Show’ where various dogs herded some ducks around a course and into a pen which was very clever and the instructor talked about dog training, which was interesting.

ducks NFS

In the local food area we found a cow that children could milk and our little one found another little one to share the job with. The milk was in fact water but they both got the idea and had to be persuaded to leave. Hopefully they don’t believe that from cows we get water!

milking the cow

milking with a friend

It was a very hot and tiring day and not at all the weather for a snowman but mum had managed day 2 brilliantly, so smiles all round..