August 17, 2015

Thursday 30th July Flowers, Falconry and Friends

Morning…It’s the third and final day of the New Forest Show and after much discussion with my husband, the soup maker my mum bought, is to be also purchased by me, as part of an anniversary present (not exactly silver but stainless steel and silver looking!). I think he is hoping that a diet of soups might help with post holiday weight loss! The broccoli and stilton soup the demonstrator described as his children’s favourite did sound delicious and the vegetable soup that we tasted was scrummy, so I’m feeling positive.

soup maker NFS

Here’s hoping however that the show is not as busy as yesterday, when people were asked to stay at home if they hadn’t already left!

It’s nice to know that my brother has not been ignoring me since March and he hasn’t got a text message phobia either, which was what I was beginning to imagine. Sadly, Mrs Dippy has been sending messages and photos to his house phone, which of course doesn’t really work!

On a positive note we have just heard that my talented husband and three other performers in our recent production of Fiddler On The Roof at Hampton Hill Playhouse have been nominated for a Richmond Arts Award. The show has also been nominated for best musical which is a big ‘well done’ to the whole production team and cast. On a negative note it means we have to go to the award ceremony and I recall the last one, when my husband and friend got so drunk I had to guide them to the car, help them into the house and pour a half bottle of red away to stop them from drinking and us from being arrested!

fiddler curtains

Today the show was all about the senses…food, flowers, falconry and meeting people! My mum and I did the food tents and watched various cookery demonstrations by local chefs. It enabled us to taste what they had made, watch how they made it. and also gave my mum an opportunity to sit down, after two tiring days of walking and benefit from a savoury, mid morning snack! We visited the flower tent where the smell and sight of displays of award winning flowers was amazing and the colours so vibrant.

Flowers NFS

Flowers NFS1

Flowers NFS2

They made a few beautiful garden areas to demonstrate what you can do if you are an expert, which is unfortunately not me, but as I said in my recent Fiona-the gardener Vlog “I can appreciate beauty” and I did.

flower garden NFS

We also saw the end of a falconry display and some hunting hounds, who reminded me of my cat, looking very relaxed in a pen except with his ‘bits’ on show!

Owl NFS 2015

bird NFS

Falconry NFS

Hound NFS

Then it came to the meeting with people. First I met my mother in law and husband’s step dad in the church tent. No one was persuaded to have their face painted, so I didn’t have to make any cat or tiger faces! A friend from where I live messaged me to say she was at the show and we sat in the wild flower garden area, grown by Stewarts Garden Centre at Christchurch, on a bench and had a quick 20 minute catch up on 6 months worth of news. The poppy’s and cornflowers were lovely and the garden was so peaceful despite being in the middle of a big event.

Shevy and me NFS

poppy garden NFS

Then I went to the members enclosure to have lunch and a Pimms, my treat of today. I bumped into two school friends, so we had an extra Pimms and a catch up on a years worth of news. All in all a very successful show with ideal weather which was not too hot or too cold. Cheers and here’s to next year! :-)

School friend NFS

me with Pimms NFS