August 19, 2015

Friday 31st July-Saturday 1st August Lymington Yacht Club

Morning…It’s Friday and thankfully payday! After the last three days at the New Forest Show it’s just as well. My purse is empty and bank balance has evaporated to nothing…there’s  a surprise!

Last night dad suggested we go to the Royal Lymington Yacht Club for a drink after returning from the Show. It is seen by some as quite an exclusive sailing club.The bar and restaurant are on the second floor with glass windows all around and balconies to the side and up above. It has wonderful sea views both of Lymington River and the Isle of Wight in the distance, which is on the other side of the Solent.  You can even watch as the Lymington ferry, which takes passengers and cars to Yarmouth, makes its way up and down the busy river.

island sailing club 1

My parents no longer have a boat having sold it a couple of years ago, but they have continued their membership and occasionally go for a drink or meal at the club. I did start my drinking at the New Forest Show with some early afternoon Pimms, so thought I might as well continue with the drinking habit when my dad suggested it, but maybe I agreed rather too enthusiastically! We arrived and had a quick look at all the boats and yachts moored alongside the jetty’s and at various mooring points.

boats lymington

The town bandstand is next to the sailing club car park and looked rather picturesque in the early Summer evening sun. Lymington is a lovely place to visit if you have never been before. It has some nice boutique and gift shops and plenty of coffee places. Every time a shop closes it seems to be replaced with an eating or drinking place, so they obviously think that is what visitors and the community want to do!.

bandstand lymington

There was racing at the yacht club so it was busier than I’ve known it, but we had a couple of glasses of wine, a naughty bag of salted peanuts and some crisps, which won’t help the ever expanding waistline! A good old natter over a drink, always helps convince me that alcohol is good for the soul. Dad tried to explain to me how to ‘tack’ whilst we watched a small sailing boat zig zag down the river, all in preparation for our forthcoming sailing holiday…I’m not sure I’m any the wiser!

sailing boat lymington

We went out on to the balcony where the views were lovely and I got my mum and dad to keep up with the times and do a modern day selfie!

lymington river

lymington river 1

dad and me at the sailing club

mum and me at the sailing club

As we left the club the sun was going down on the pond , where as children we would sail small model boats…not a pastime I see children doing now.

lymington pond bandstand as sun going down

Todays increased bank balance unfortunately will need to be used to have several house key cut. How grown men can lose so many keys I will never know but I am not happy about them leaving doors unlocked so they can get back in, which is what has been happening. They have been warned that they will be paying for the next key they lose!

It’s Saturday and the first day of the month. Yesterday afternoon I was mums personal shopper as she bought a new wardrobe of clothes at her favourite shop ‘The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Shop’ in Lymington High Street. She has gone down two dress sizes since being ill which was a surprise to her, so I spent an hour running around collecting various outfits in various sizes, until we finally found some that fitted and she was happy with. The ladies in the shop, one of whom she knew, were most helpful and let us take over their shop for the time we were there…well when I say take over, it was quite quiet and we weren’t stopping other buiness! We got to the till with our collection of tops, skirts, cardigans and shoes and  it helped that when it was all totted up I could hand over my staff discount card (my Mother-in -law works there) and get 20% off…a bargain to bring a smile to both our faces but particularly my mum who was worried about how much she had spent!

discount card

In the evening we had supper at my brothers new house in Southbourne. He has moved from a two bedroomed top floor flat with a sea view at a push, (you needed to poke your head out the window to get the sea view) to a three bedroom detached house with big garden. It needs some cosmetic work done to it, but has huge potential and is in a lovely quiet street.

I do wish his memory wasn’t so good as he reminded me of a family holiday in France where I thanked the lady serving us drinks with the words “ah Monsieur, Monsieur.” Languages were never my strength, as my brother was obviously blessed with all the memory genes!