October 25, 2014

Saturday 13th September-Giggles at Centre Parcs

Morning…took forever to get to Centre Parcs thanks to horrendous traffic on the A303. The only benefit an amazing sunset with the backdrop of Stonehenge and being able to take a photo as stationary.


By the time we arrived my dodgy back was struggling and as I manoeuvred myself on to a chair with table legs in the way I announced “the trouble with a bad back is you can’t spread your legs”…Just what my fellow guests wanted to hear as we sat down to eat! Thankfully a lovely homemade meal and a couple of glasses of vino in the hot tub wiped my aches and pains away although not the cream that I managed to squirt over the table instead of my plate. Not sure whether it is age or mentality that has a lot to answer for.

10648862_819346044762866_9053375191949494929_o (2)

Off to the Spa today…hoping we don’t enter the quiet zones and make rude noises with our wet costumes on the tiles so we get the giggles and have to leave like last time!