August 20, 2015

Sunday 2nd August Fudge, Fingers And Flying.

Morning…Yesterday I went with mum into Lymington High street for a cup of tea at the church, before popping into the market.

Lyington quay  st

We then took ourselves down towards the quay and bought some fudge from the market. We convinced ourselves we wanted to compare it with the bag we bought at the New Forest Show, but of course the reality was we just love fudge! Whenever I see fudge there is a temptation to buy a bag, usually in the Vanilla or Clotted Cream flavour. I particularly love the slightly crunchy, sugary fudge rather than the soft sort, although I’m not going to turn either of them down! When I was young I had a school friend who’s mum made the most delicious fudge. It was sold at all our school fetes. I always bought some of it as it was so scrummy and usually ate the whole bag in one go. I now always buy fudge in the hope that it will live up to that wonderful fudge experience of long ago. The Little Village Sweetshop fudge was more sugary than the bag we bought at the show, but still didn’t match the fudge taste etched in my memory. I will just have to keep on buying and tasting.

lymington quay street

fudge 1

After lunch I made my way back up the M3 home, via the New Forest and had to stop to take some photos as I saw the cutest baby donkeys with the most gorgeous faces. If I’d had a plot of land or a big garden, it almost made me want one as a pet, but I don’t my husband, family and small donkeys are entirely safe! Some of the donkeys were trying to keep in the shade, away from the sun and were standing outside someone’s front door..oh to live in that cottage with a view of the Forest and donkeys! There does seem to be a lot more donkeys and cows in the forest compared to when I was a child. All I can recall is horses, but then times are changing or my memory is failing me which is very likely.

donkeys NF

donkey NF 1

donkey NF 2

On the way back home I had arranged to pick up my son from his girlfriend’s house and she was going to do my nails for the first time in preparation for our holiday in Menorca. I have never had my nails done properly, apart from when I got married twenty five years ago. I have a history of nail biting, have weak nails that break and catch, so recall the huge effort I made to grow them before my wedding. Recently, my nails have seemed stronger and I have managed to stop biting them as much. I was looking forward to having them shaped properly and a nail varnish put on. I had chosen a pink shade from the beauty products she has just started doing, but I wasn’t prepared for the professional service I received. I was most impressed. She has a special nail drying machine, which being an oldie, who has never had her nails done I knew nothing about, so one hand was dried at a time with a little timer device that pinged when time was up. My hails were shaped, several coats of varnish put on and a top coat which made them all look lovely and shiny. Suddenly my hands feel and look so different with fancy nails, just a shame my hands are freckly and getting a bit wrinkly, something I can do nothing about! I thanked her and told her I would definitely come again. This might be the incentive I need to grow Cruella De Vil style long nails!


nails 1

As well as the nails done, I got to meet her new and very cute Cavachon puppy called Cookie. I always had dogs as a child and do love them and my son has been desperate for a dog for ages. We have always been slightly reluctant, because of our lifestyle and expense, but when I see one that is very cute I do start to have a little wobble! For now he will have to make do with enjoying her puppy.

cookie dog

cookie the dog1

I finally returned to my house to find duvets, posh glasses and an empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the side. Someone had been having a good time, but failed to tidy up afterwards. Good luck to my son who has just started his first day working at JD Sports.

Today I fly  for a twelve day holiday to Menorca. My husband is already there as he has been making a film about the holiday company. I hate flying and am particularly nervous on my own, so will need a stiff drink to help me be brave.  I got a lift to the train station and waited.

holiday station

Luckily it was straight to Gatwick. When it came to the check in at the airport I was concerned my case might be too heavy. I heaved it on to the conveyer belt and sighed with relief when it was just under. The checking in lady asked me to turn the case round. I struggled to move it but eventually turned it, unfortunately not in the direction she wanted. She then gave me clearer instructions and said “no, with the handle at the top”. Ahh, she was trying to attach the flight detail sticker and I hadn’t realised! Having struggled to turn the case once, I was struggling even more to do it twice, when a man at the next desk smiled pitifully at me and came to my aid.. I’m such an innocent when it comes to flying!  The stiff drink  I needed was in fact more than one…a wine at Nandos to accompany my burger and another with peanuts on the plane pretending I was fine.

peanuts and wine on plane