August 21, 2015

Monday 3rd August Menorca..El Toro And More.

Morning…I was very relieved yesterday when the aeroplane touched down safely at Menorca airport without any turbulence. I was sat in the window seat next to the exit doors, which gave me lots of leg room. The air steward gave passengers sitting in our row instructions on how to open the door in an emergency and asked if anyone had a problem. I kept very quiet, but inwardly wanted to shout “YES I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM!”

At the airport I was met by my husband, who as a passionate lover of flying, had revelled in taking a photo of the plane in mid air, landing and then me as I came through passport control with a somewhat relieved expression on my face! I immediately passed over my rather heavy suitcase as payback for his light-hearted mockery and we drove in our hire car to the villa at Ses Salines in Fornells. I had a quick tour of the villa, which was lovely and had more bedrooms and bathrooms than the two of us needed, a kitchen, living area and a lovely swimming pool with a stunning view.


villa view

villa pool

Opposite the villa is a well known local restaurant called Ca Na Marga. Everybody seems to call it ‘Marga’s’. It is a family run business which does takeaway food as well as an ‘eating in’ restaurant and bar area. It gets very busy until quite late at night. We popped in for a drink before bed, by the last sip I was feeling horizontal both in mood and energy.

Today we were up surprisingly early. My husband over the last couple of months has spent time filming the area, facilities and sailing for a holiday company promotional video which specialises in exclusive sailing holidays. He had some extra filming to do. Whilst in Menorca he has got to know a number of the staff and locals reasonably well, which means he is treated like a friend. We were a little early, so popped into the local hotel for a breakfast of tea and croissants. The croissant was nice, but the tea whilst wet, sadly wasn’t quite an English cup of tea.

Ian and I eating breakfast at hotel

No Fiona mishaps happened until I went to the toilet. I had to be shown by the owner how to switch the toilet light on, He must have spotted me fumbling around in the dark and had probably watched as I was feeling the walls outside and in for a light switch or string and took pity …it’s a light for goodness sake, how can I manage not to find that!

Whilst my husband filmed the sailing from the beach and then moved on to the pier, I followed him round feeling like a sheep, but apparently looking like his ‘glamorous assistant.’, one who was fairly useless and didn’t know what she was doing. The glam bit also went out the window, after the sea breeze blew my hair all around, it was hot, hot, hot and I got sweaty, sweaty, sweaty and had to wear husband’s jungle hat, having forgotten to bring a hat of my own. Not  a glam look.

me on pier in sunglasses

So whilst he filmed, I read, enjoyed the view, took in the sea air and snapped some photos. I never get time to read, so I always take holiday time to read easy chick flick novels that I can get into quickly. At the moment I am reading a book I started several months ago, and having read well over a hundred pages since yesterday, there’s some hope I might finish it this holiday!

sailing yachts


yachts 2

After he had finished filming we took the car up to the highest point on the island called El Toro or Monte Toro. It stands 358 metre above sea level and has spectacular views of the whole island. It is the only mountain in Menorca and is home to an old Augustinian monastery called the Sanctuary of Our Lady. The Sanctuary has now been taken over by the sisters of Mercy and within the Sanctuary is a chapel and a gift shop. There is also a large statue of Christ outside. The summit is apparently a place of pilgrimage and the area has a rich history. We just wandered around and took lots of photos.


El Toro convent

view from El Toro

view from El Toro 1


statue of christ



We drove back down the mountain and had a delicious lunch at a restaurant overlooking the bay called Ses Salines. Instead of one main dish we decided to have two starters. Starter one was a delicious cold soup. I almost called it by the wrong name and instead of calling it gazpacho the word ‘gestapo’ came out, which husband was quick to note and make the most of! Me, my mouth and the words that come out of mouth will get me into trouble one day! I then had the tastiest prawn and fish kebab with salad garnish, which was so yummy I will have to eat it again before we leave.

Ses Salines Restaurant

We finished with a mango sorbet, served in an unusual angled glass dish, which was so refreshing and went down in no time, despite me being full.

ses salines ice cream dish

A lovely meal with a lovely view. Enough time left in the day for a swim,a read and a touch of sunbathing for me the freckly one who burns and should stay out of the sun and a nap, for husband who tans but hates the sun.

ses salines -eating cold soup