August 23, 2015

Monday 4th August Silver Anniversary & Ciutadella

Morning…Last night we went into the main town of Fornells and found an Argentinian restaurant called La Guapa. The town is so busy at night, with lots of families with young children eating out and taking advantage of the cooler temperatures. We ate so much that at the end of the evening we felt well and truly stuffed and I can see that a major post holiday diet will be required!


Today we celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary.


Back in 1990 when we were married, the UK had an unusually hot spell and August 3/4th were two of the hottest days of the century. I recall swimming in the sea at Milford On Sea in the afternoon of the 3rd to try and stay cool, before having a party in the garden for family late into the evening. Our old rough collie dog called Raffles went missing and I was heartbroken that on the day I was getting married he had disappeared. I’m sure he just couldn’t cope with the heat…we were all struggling! At 6am on the morning of my wedding I was sitting in my parent’s bedroom and he came trotting up the drive. I was so happy!


Our wedding reception was at Careys Manor in Brockenhurst, a lovely venue and my dad said that on the bill he paid for more water than wine which was unheard of at a wedding. My friends and family are certainly not sensible drinkers, so it speaks volumes!

wedding day

Today in Menorca it looks like temperatures won’t be too dissimilar! I am presuming my medal is being polished and prepared as I speak as I need some reward for being married to the other half for 25 years! Thankfully he can still make me laugh with his humour and quick wit. I am also waking up to a lovely view this morning, so my mood is positive and grateful.

view from room

view from room 1

Today we are taking our hire car for a drive around some of the island. I am in charge of the map, hopefully only if necessary as it isn’t a strength of mine!


There are seven lighthouses on Menorca and being a small island you are never far from the sea. Our first stop was Cap d’ Artrutx and the black and white lighthouse built in 1858. It stands amongst dramatic cliffs and rocks and the lighthouse itself is now a restaurant. We ventured out on to the rocks, but were nervous of falling as it was very unsteady and tricky underfoot. We then walked around to take some photos of the coastline.

DSCN0145 DSCN0148 DSCN0149DSCN0151


We then drove to the nearby town of Ciutadella which is one of the main cities of the island. First step was to find a place to park, having driven round the centre a couple of times we finally found a place on the street. We had to work out how to pay the parking metre and for once I managed to do a task my husband couldn’t! He was about to give up on our visit as he couldn’t work it out, until I said “let me have a go” and finally succeeded! It was so hot and I was getting a flushed look, that my first purchase was a hat.

my new hat

Then we had a cooling, calorie laden cocktail and light lunch at a street restaurant called Questat? Bar/Cafeteria.

retaurant in ciutadella

We bought ice cream from a parlour and started on our wander around the town. The buildings and streets are apparently known for their Italian feel. There were lots of cobbled, narrow side streets with lots of white and coloured painted buildings which I love, so I probably took a few too many photos!

ciutadella street 3

ciutadella street 2

ciutadella street

We then came across the Gothic cathedral in Placa de la Catedral which dates back to the 13th Century. On one of the side streets nearby there was a mural on the wall in between two shops. The oil painting was of a lady pouring some milk and the mural continued the pouring milk down the wall and had two cats at the bottom drinking it, which was very creative.

cathedral Ciutadella

ciutadella cathedral


We then walked to the picturesque square Placa d’es Born. The town hall is a former palace and the obelisk in the middle of the square is to commemorate the Turkish invasion.


square 1

square 3

We came across a wonderful view of the port below.



Overheated from walking it was time to return to the villa for a swim, more reading and sunbathing for me and an afternoon nap for the other half. In the evening we had a table booked at Magna’s the restaurant over the road and celebrated in style.