August 25, 2015

Wednesday 5th August What A Wally And Such Class!

Morning…25 years of marriage was celebrated yesterday with too much food and enough to drink. Night time temperatures in Menorca are causing decision and sleep problems…if air conditioning is off husband gets too hot and if it is on I get too cold, despite being the one going through the menopause! Anyway all in all, we are struggling to find a happy MEDIUM…reduced food choice and dieting would of course help…and that comes from an unhappy LARGE! ( husband’s favourite joke!)

After a lazy start we popped into the local shop for some basic food supplies. The ‘shop’ is really a house with goods sold in the front room and covered front courtyard. My husband has been there numerous times before, so is very familiar with the shopkeeper, the shop format and likes to speak Spanish to her. I haven’t a clue as usual! We found various bits and by the till was a fridge area with a glass fronted cover. I had watched my husband earlier, put his hand just behind to get some sliced cheese at the far end. As we queued to pay our bill, I spotted a bag of Baby Bel’s at the front of the fridge and thought I’d like some, but couldn’t fathom out how to reach it! I put my hand round the back like my husband had done and was trying to contort and stretch to reach the very front when the customer next to me said ” wouldn’t it have been easier to do this”…and promptly lifted up the glass front…honestly, what a wally!

shop fridge

After lunch we took the car for another drive, to see parts of the island that we wouldn’t see without one. We drove around and came across a car park full of cars that seemed very busy with mostly locals. We got out and took a walk in the heat along a cliff top path.It was very pretty and peaceful.


It took us downwards and we finally got to the top of some wooden steps where there was a view of the sandy beach of Cavalleria. The sandy beach had lots of umbrellas, sunbathers and people swimming in the clear, blue sea and boats moored just out of the bay. it was a glorious setting.

Cavallerias beach

cavallerias beach 1

Cavallerias bots

At the back of the beach you could see people covering themselves in red mud which is apparently a natural beauty treatment used through the generations. People apparently cover themselves in the mud and then wash it off in the sea leaving their skin feeling wonderful…or so I heard later! On the other side there was another beach with less sand and boats anchored closer to the shore.

Cavellerias unbusy side of beach

We weren’t dressed for swimming and didn’t have towels or umbrellas, so decided to walk back to the air conditioned car with the decision made to return when we were more prepared! A selfie with the bay behind was of course required.


Going uphill is always more effort than going down hill, particularly when unfit and hot, so I had to have lots of stop offs making out that I was looking back at the lovely view, when in fact I was taking a breather!

cavellerias 3

We got home to our usual ritual of swimming, sunbathing, reading and afternoon nap for the other half! Book number one, which was in fact a very easy read once I concentrated and had time, is now happily finished:-)


In the evening we returned to Ses Salines Restaurant for more of the delicious monkfish and prawn kebabs, tomato bread, patatas bravas and a chocolate pudding and raspberry sorbet to finish, which was just divine.


My husband was very cross when he dropped his chocolate sauce over his clean t shirt, so decided to use his male initiative. He removed an ice cube from his gin and tonic and cleaned the chocolate off…such class! It worked, but left an annoying damp patch…cue the cross face!



He then dropped the ice cube not into his own glass but into mine! I swapped the glasses in disgust, but something seemed wrong as he had gained a full quantity compared to my half drunk glass…we might reach 26 years of marriage if we are lucky!